Lakers Parade… Loved Every Minute!!

Yesterday I went to the Lakers Parade with Lamar and it was one of the most unbelievable experiences of my life!!! It was me, my mom, Kendall, and Lamar’s kids Destiny and LJ and we all rode on the float with Lamar and the team. It was my very first time at the parade — in fact, I never even really knew much about the parade, I just knew there was one but never in a million years did I anticipate it would be as crazy as it was, I was seriously in shock! The fan support was so overwhelming in the greatest way! The energy literally made me want to cry…the screams and the signs were just out of control. There were people EVERYWHERE — on top of buildings, on street signs, in trees, on traffic lights, standing on cars, OMG it was the most intense thing ever (just click through the gallery and you’ll see what I mean). And watching Lamar waving to the crowds and holding up the championship trophy, he was just beaming, and so was I :)
Being a part of the Lakers family this year, I have experienced some amazing new things and I feel so blessed. What a wonderful organization to be a part of.
Click through the gallery to see the first half of the photos and I’ll be posting more later today. Love you guys! Thanks for all the support throughout the entire season and the finals.

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    claudia |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    such an adorable picture of you two always look soo happy to be together, I hope I can find that kind of love someday ?

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    NicoleAZ |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    I love seeing you two together. You look so in love and the way you look at each other is so inspiring! Make it work, do the work and ALLL always communicate!
    Wishing you YEARS of happiness! <3

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    Ludmilla |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    I just finished saw all the seasons of keeping up with the kardashians and I just became more and more fan of u!
    send some ove 4 ur brazilian fan!
    love u!

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    Antolette |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    Hey Khloe…love you and LO. I am a Laker season ticket holder and was there for Game 7. What an AWESOME end to the season. I was also there with my 3 kids at the parade…they loved every minute of it. Here’s to another run at a championship!!!

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    Gabi |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    Wow, u guys are like Lakers Royalty, I love it, I’m glad you and your beautiful family had a great time!

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    Ida Villarreawl |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    Hey Khloe,

    Very cool pics. How come you have never posted any pics of you and Lamar with his kids?

    Put some up.

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    Coryna |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    I was there. The parade was a great event.I have the best photo of your mom and your sisters. Look out for us next year!!

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    Barbie |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    Heyy Khloe . Im a biq fan of yu nd Lamar .Keep doing what ya’ll do best . and dont let the haters bother you . P.S I Love Khloe & Kourtney take Miami and Keeping Up With The Kardasians and i am also a BIG LAKER FAN .

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    Sophia |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    Hey Khloe. Im such a big fan of you three awesome sisters, i really Think that you should come to Denmark. It would be so exciting for you guys, and alao very different. I have watched All of Your seaOns, and they are really great. It is so weird how much my life reminds of you guys. If you came to denmark it would really be great. Kisses doll. Kourtney khloe and Kim kardashian forever.

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    Ellie |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2010

    i lovee youu <3 idol xx

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