Laid Back Chic in Kardashian Kollection!

Khloe Kardashian - Kardashian Kollection cheetah slouch pants

Love this look! Puerto Rican fashion model, Anne Marie Kortright, is looking super chic in our Kardashian Kollection cheetah slouch pants. These pants area available at Sears and Lipsy! ​

Photographer: Dorian Caster

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    rconklin |  Posted on Mar 5th

    Hi Khloe, Im a huge fan of yours.Im 35 from St Louis I wanted to share my story with you.I have been watching your show for as long as i can remember.To me your gorgeous. When my life got put on hold, I started watching your show more and more. Here is what happened to me.
    It was like any other day; I went to the gym and worked out. While working out, I irritated a muscle on my right side. As the week progressed the pain got worse. On June 6, 2013 the pain was so severe I went to the ER at St. Clare Hospital in Fenton, Missouri. I assumed they were just going to give me some pain medicine and I’d be on my way. While waiting for the medicine to take effect they did some blood work as a precaution to make sure everything was ok. The nurse came back in and told me I had very little kidney function and they were admitting me to the hospital right away.
    Over the next five days I got drugged ,stabbed and everything else done to me. My worries and fears have yet to come. I still had it in my head that a magic pill was going to fix my health issues. On day 5 of being the hospital; my kidney doctor comes to my room and proceeds to tell me what my lab results were. She tells me that my condition didn’t improve over the last five days. What she told me next I swear part of me died. My doctor tells me that my kidney function is gone. That I need to start dialysis and I have to have a kidney transplant.
    In August of 2013 I started doing dialysis; that took a while to get used too. At this point I started getting some people to offer to get tested to be my kidney donor. I was referred to SLU Hospital and got put on the national kidney list. I was not worried, I knew with all the people who volunteered I had to have at least one match. One by one each donor was not a match and fell of my list. By the end of October, I was out of people. So at this point I took matters into my own hands. I learned about another process at Barnes Jewish Hospital. In December, I transferred to the Barnes Jewish kidney list. My best friend Jessica Williams stepped in and volunteered to do the incapability transplant (where you don’t have to be a blood match). Jessica went above and beyond for me. She offered her kidney to me, but most importantly she wanted to give back, to make herself a better person. Our hopes were high. She was flying through all the testing. On the last test, it showed that she had an abnormal kidney and the surgeons decided that Jessica would not be able to donate. She was my last resort. When i got down from my kidney disease.I wanted to give up.Then i turned on the tv and your show was on. In some way it lifted my spirits.Know i watch more then ever.I love the woman that you have become. I really wanna say thank you.Watching you and your family.Your family has there fair share over the years.Thank you for taking the time to reading my story.Hope to hear back from you.Love your biggest fan Ron

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Mar 6th

    This look would be perfect for a chic vacation for Spring or Summer break.

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