Our Latest Kardashian/Jenner Family Music Video!

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner Film Lady Marmalade Music Video
Hi dolls! We have another fabulous video made by the talented Kendall and Kylie!!!! We covered Lady Marmalade (the version by Pink, Mya, Christina Aguilera and Lil Kim) and had the BEST time dancing and singing during our Holiday Card shoot! While we knew some of the words, Kendall and Kylie made us say them over and over again to make sure it turned out perfectly. As for the dance moves — we all are AWFUL dancers so we kept having to reshoot them LOL. After quite a few takes, I think it turned out amazing. My baby sisters are so talented!!!!!!

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  1. khloekfanxo |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012

    loved it! :)

  2. avatar
    FlawlessKhloeK |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012

    I LOVED THE VIDEO! you guys are so cute! xoxo

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    lxsanistyles |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012

    If you love Khloes style check out my blog! I love the kardashian girls style! http://lxsanistyles.blogspot.com/2012/04/khloe-kardashian-striped-dress.html

  4. Jorge Acosta Bertel |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012

    You guys are out of your minds hahah

  5. LaBella |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012

    This looks like it was so much fun! You guys are awesome! and yes, your baby sisters are so talented!! Rock on!

  6. Kimberley Obregon |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012

    Loved the video it was fun and sexy:) Wish you girls could dance LOL but it didn’t matter cause there were great moves from all of you not to mention you all are sexy! I would of liked to see more of Mr Jenner I saw him looking handsome. Looked like you all had a lot of fun, Great job!( Love you khloe)

  7. Veronica Vega |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012

    i ♥ it! supa cute girls.

  8. merdashian |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012

    video is so amazing, u guys have so much fun with your amazing sisters..
    its beautiful, love it!! :)

  9. Annaliesa Banks |  Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012

    Cute gals!

  10. avatar
    Olesya |  Posted on Apr 4th, 2012

    Hi Khlo!
    Overall the video is awesome. For me the funniest moment was when you kind of slipped or hesitated a little bit on those stairs or whatever that was. You girls rock! Thanks for posting!

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