Lady And The Tramp!

Khloe Kardashian - Trampoline With Kim Lady and the tramp….. You pick who’s who.

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Feb 4th

    Cute pictures!!! I see Kim has joined in on the fun. Haven’t been on a trampoline in years.

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      KKardashian95 |  Posted on Feb 5th :):):):):):)

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    TxTwisterGl |  Posted on Feb 5th

    Weird about all the dating site BS…anyway I always see you as a lady with a wicked kind of side so I picked you as the lady :P

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    KKardashian95 |  Posted on Feb 5th hehe my tumblr ;)

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    KKardashian95 |  Posted on Feb 5th

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    pookiepoo |  Posted on Feb 7th

    Khloe, you are absolutely the cutest!!!
    I love you spirit, you are who you are and don’t give 2 shyts about what others say!
    I know people can be mean & cruel towards you, but you should dust them off because you are a beautiful person, inside & out!
    For the most part, I don’t even look at any of them comments regarding your family, people can be so cruel and hurtful towards someone they don’t even know!
    You are my kinda chick! Love your attitude! Keep your head up & know ppl are praying for you to get past through this sad time in your life in regards to Lamar.
    Only YOU can do what’s right for you!
    Much love, btw, please take these spammers/dating sites off YOUR site! XOXO!

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    KKardashian95 |  Posted on Feb 5th PLEASE SEE THIS

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