Tonight Is A Brand New Episode of KUWTK

Tune in with me tonight for an-all new episode at 9/8c on E.

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    chichilovedash |  Posted on Mar 9th

    khloe be strong!! i see this and start crying…
    love never ends.!. we do what we can and sometimes we have to find love in someone else’s heart…


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    chaddican |  Posted on Mar 9th

    Khloe by the way you looked GORGEOUS at the Oscars! Of all of the girls you seem the most level headed and down to earth. I am so sorry that you have suffered so much the past few years. I told my niece once that each person s responsible for their own actions/decisions and others can only pray loved ones make the right ones: standing by seeing a loved one destroy themselves breaks your heart as well. I once tweeted about how once I stopped “thinking” about trying to get pregnant I did: stress is 9/10′s of the battle and my dear you had the utmost stress. If I’d known what you were going through I wouldn’t have sent that because when you read it you were probably hurt by it because it was rubbing salt in a wound in your heart; I apologize.

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Mar 9th

    Excited for tonight’s episode but I’m not excited to see you address the state of your marriage. My heart breaks for you and all the things you have been dealing with over the past year. Happy you took the necessary steps to get your happy back even if it meant leaving your marriage. You deserve so much better and I know that special someone is out there waiting for you. Love you Khloe!!!! xoxo

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    laranbill |  Posted on Mar 10th

    Can I just say that you absolutely ROCKED Chelsea last week!!!! YA Khloe!!!! This is my 3rd comment to you regarding the fact that YOU should have your own show Khloe!!! If you ever do don’t forget this fabulous momma of 4 from O-HI-O who told ya so!!! Love you and your crazy family! Glad you finally made the decision to be around people that will “affect” your life in a positive way instead of “infect” your life and poison it!! You are WAY to fantastic girl!!! Love YOU! Stay strong~

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    missy3purple |  Posted on Mar 10th

    I was so heartbroken for you Khole, I could your pain and I cried with you doll. Stay strong Sweetie, for love is a beautiful thing and he doesn’t understand right now but soon he will. I hate to say it but I had the same situtation and I HAD to take the 1st step, i didn’t want to because I was fighting for the love of my husband. Unfortunately, we did get divorced but I’m happy and blessed to say that I have my love back home with me and it’s like we picked up right where we left off. I wish I could just give you a huge BEAR hug, but I know you’re a strong woman. Keep the faith sweetie, he’ll soon be home with you again.

  6. Vanesa Vanita |  Posted on Mar 10th

    i love you no matter what you decide to do,my heart ll be always with you Koko,God bless you and may he give you all the strenght in this difficult time;kisses and hugs!!!

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