Kris is a Writer Now!!!!

My mom really is like superwoman — she does it ALL! She’s raised six kids, helped us all to kick start our careers, taken on her own business ventures and now she has her own column in Life & Style Magazine. YAYYY Kris you’re a writer now! I’m so proud of her! In each weekly issue of L&S, she’ll be offering up advice on a variety of topics — you just have to email your questions to

My mom seriously gives the best advice so this is pretty much her calling :)

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    Sam McNulty |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010

    I love that your mum really is your hero. She sets the example that you can do it all. She makes me think of my mum as she is the same. a friend, a mum and an amazing role model. Unfortunately my mum is suffering from MS at the moment and it makes me so worried because unfortunately there will be a day when she is no longer there. All i wanted to say I guess is that I think you and your siblings are so lucky to have such a wonderful mum. Love her and tell her so as often as you can and enjoy her too! You guys are wonderful and I wish every good thing for you now and in your futures. Big love honey! Sam from Halifax, West Yorkshire, England xxxxxx

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    michelle |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010

    your mom seems fun but i dont like how she pressured kim to do playboy, my mother would murder me if i ever posed and im 22 years old. no money would ever convince her. thats why i love her

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    rosa |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010

    That is so cool Khloe!!! Now im going to buy Life & Style magazine every week!!! xoxo

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    venus |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010

    I love ur mom! She’s a smart business woman and u can tell how much she loves and cares about her kids. She’s also funny, and I love when she gets in her mom mode when she talks to guys, it’s great!

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    Gosh |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010


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    Charborg |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010

    Hey Khloe, Your mum is great she reminds me alot about my mum as she too is a supermum!! My mother has been through alot in her life but she is one of my role models and she has been always there for me. Now that I am a new mum myself I will do the same for my son who I truly love and cheerish everyday. Love you doll!!! Kisses from Malta xxxoxxo

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    melissa |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010

    @Gosh – Khloe wears extensions too. You didn’t really think Khloe’s hair was that long? All of them, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe wear extensions.

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    Abi |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010

    What an amazing mum you have I just adore her
    she is so funny xxx

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    juliana |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010

    Hey Khloe, your mum is amazing!!! she is an inspiration to us all. please don’t be to hard on her at times on the show you come across a little hard on her. Love u doll..
    Julie from london xx

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    jessica77 |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2010

    wtf is wrong with wearing extensions? LOL anyways your mom is amazing, a whole lot like my mom…i swear they most likely would be the best of friends. Love ya <3 :)

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