Kourtney, Kim, and I Do Vegas!

What up bitches!
On Friday Kourtney, Kim, and I went to Vegas to go to a party for Vegas Magazine at the Palms Hotel. The Maloofs, who own the Palms, invited us to sit in their box to watch the Usher concert!  Who would turn that down?  OMG!  We had so much fun!  Rob was already in Vegas with some of his friends so we brought two more of his BFFs — Jesse and JJ!  They are so funny!  We were in Vegas for less then 24 hours but the Usher concert was so amazing!  It was worth it ;).  I have a video of his concert coming soon.  Just a small taste ;). 

Love you all!

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    natalie waller |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    Khloe, I love what you are wearing in the pics – you look amazing!!
    Looks like it was an awesome trip :)
    I also think it’s so cool that you and your fam are auctioning off some of your things – Nice One!
    Luv Nats

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    luxurious dom |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    You and your family is beautiful!

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    Crystal Reid |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    Looks like fun Sweetcakes

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    Chelsey in Canada |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    It looks like you had a blast!
    How awesome to be personally invited by the Maloof’s…lucky girl!!
    You look fabulous as always.
    Looking forward to hopefully catching a glimpse of you on DWTS.
    Have a great day!

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    Koko |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    Hey Khole It looks like you guys had fun and in less than 24hrs how cool is that.

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    Melissa |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    That is NOT cotton candy is it?! Lol ah, I haven’t had that for SO long!!
    Kourtney’s dress is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I love it. I’ve never been to Vegas, but this makes me kinda jealous…
    Glad you had fun, and thanks for sharing the pics with us!

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    Katie |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    Looks like you guys had fun in Vegas! You look so FAB and gorgeous! Always good to spend time with your family!

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    Maria |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    Hi Khloe, im a big fan of all the Kardashians. My daughter got me into watching your shows and i think you guys are great. I prefer not to write information as a comment but if you ever get a chance please email me.

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    B ~Girl |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    Hey Klhoe nice pics!!!

    Rob looks really H0T!

    Chauuuuu ;)

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    way to go ladies.... |  Posted on Nov 24th, 2008

    you and most diff kourt looks great. she looks very chic. in fact i honestly believe that she is the one who needs to create her own clothing line. apparently your sissie poo kim recycles her fashion hence the reason she insists on still working that played ass pencil skirt routine. damn that child has zero taste and thats bananas to me too considering she was a stylist, lol oh man stylist thats epic. your the fashion risk taker and you pull it off very well, and kourt is seriously the fashionista she is always on point.

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