Kim Looks Gorgeous on the Cover of People!

Kim Kardashian's People Magazine Wedding Cover
OMG how beautiful does Kim look on her People Magazine cover?!? She was SUCH a beautiful bride — truly looked like a princess :)

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    a.jdoll |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    Oh wow simply stunning!

  2. Shannon Markwordt |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    I would like to point out. The girl famous for a sex tape wore white to her wedding… awesome :)

  3. Carly |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    She looks stunning! Can’t wait to see all the pics

  4. Faren Latoya Baldwin |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    I think she looks nice on the cover but im wondering if she rushed to get married, does she feel the need to have to be with someone and how long do you think they will be married?

  5. Jenny Goodman Abrami |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    Kim is a gorgeous, perfect bride! But where’s the groom? Wonder why he didn’t make the cover this amazing wedding day was all about joining the life and commitment of TWP people.

  6. Jenny Goodman Abrami |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    Sorry! that should read TWO people. Guess that’s what I get for shouting in all caps.

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    nimz_fernando |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    wow she looked absolutely beautiful, i cant wait to see all the pictures.

  8. Jumoke Abass Alesinloye |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    THis is so nice but it’s such a selfish cover dou…its supposed to be her and her hubby for example look at khloe’s magazine cover she had her husband even are her sisters…Just-saying

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      serena123 |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

      Beautiful wedding, but think of the economy, didn’t the cost go just a few million overboard?

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    KYLIE143 |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    kim looks stunnning!! khloe i wanted to know wher do you and your sisters get that salad from you guys are always eating in that huge bowl ive been dying too know can you please reply back

  10. Meg Pieper |  Posted on Aug 24th, 2011

    hi khloe I am not going to sugercoat anything only being turthful.Kim and your family are so into being famous and get everything paid for it is about time that you all get out of the spotlight.Yes kuwtks is getting out of line it is crazy you will all have to say no more.kendall and kylie are only 14 and 15 years old and they have the spotlight there to young and you kourt and kim did not have the spotlight.This is not fair but love ya just telling the turth

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