Don’t Miss ‘Kim’s Fairytale Wedding’!!!

Kim's Fairytale Wedding Sneak Peek
Hi dolls! Just wanted to remind you that tonight kicks off Kim’s Fairytale Wedding and it’s definitely something you won’t want to miss. You can’t even imagine the craziness that went on behind the scenes during the planning of this wedding, and E! is giving you an up close and personal look. Watch this sneak peek to get an idea of what’s in store and then tune in tonight at 9/8c, only on E! Can’t wait!!!!!

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  1. KhloMoney_Dolls |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    Can’t wait to watch K&K Lavish Wedding Tonight! We’re trying to trend #KimKWedding on Twitter :) Your Khlovers will do anything to support you dolls :):) You Dolls Are Beautiful Inside & Out :)

    Love @KhloMoney_Dolls

    • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

      Hi Khloe,

      Hope you are having a great day..

      Thanks for sharing… I am so happy for Kim and Kris

      I can not wait to watch Kim’s wedding but I will have to wait two weeks because that is when it comes out in Ireland and the UK :(

      PS. I am so happy for you and Lamar, I love that you Love each other so much. I cant wait till you have little Khlomar babies running around your house.You both will be great parents.

      Some of your fans and I made this anniversary video you and lamar..

      If you see it tell me what you think on twitter..

      Leanne xxx

      • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011


        Your fans and I made it.. the messages are truly from our hearts and we are all so happy for you and lamar..

        You have proved that ‘Love at first sight’ is real and you have made people believe in it.

        You are an ispiration to me and you are my role model .
        I wish you all the love and happiness in the world.
        I can not wait till you have a children becuase you will be even more prefect..
        If that is possible because you are already so amazing..

        Leanne xxx

      • Kardashian Nation |  Posted on Oct 10th, 2011

        Loved part one!!! cant wait till tonight. I had the tv’s at the bar on E! last night….I couldnt miss it or wait to watch it on DVR…lol… Im glad u and Kris H are getting along better. It takes time to get use to someone that is basically just like u baby! Sometimes I think you both should think before u speak…because words mean alot…especially when they are negative. I also think u were right too about Kris H intentionally trying to get on ur nerves or make u upset. Im glad u all got past the negative drama and I cant wait to see part 2! XO

    • avatar
      yorkiee |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

      khloe, what the —- is up with kris Humpries. He is the biggest —– bag ever!! what does she see in him? Get rid of him ASAP! By the way, Lamar is a sweetie!!!!

    • avatar
      paulalouise |  Posted on Oct 12th, 2011

      hi khloe
      how are u ?
      i so love watching all of u i think u are all so funny when will kim wedding be coming to the uk as i am dieing to see it i love watching u guys so much and u are all so pretty thank
      so much paula xxxx

  2. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    WOW! It’s FINALLY here! So excited to watch Kim’s dream wedding come
    true on TV! WOOOHOOOOO!

  3. avatar
    a.jdoll |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    I honestly can’t wait to see Kim’s wedding!!! I just have to wait till it comes out in the UK :( xx

  4. crazybabylove26 |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah i cant wait to watch it tonight yay im so excited! ♥ :)

  5. avatar
    klho |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    i love you klhoé you and lamar are a true love story you re awesome your a role model for me and my friends.

  6. avatar
    dinorah correa |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    i am so excited to see the program but i need to wait like a month beacuse in mexico goes like delayed :( but i can’t wait to see it <3

  7. avatar
    llny |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    Hello Khloe,

    Love how you support your family but I cannot stand your new brother in law. He is a rude & disrespectful JERK from day one. However cannot wait till Khloe & Lamar comes back on. You guys are the best!! Please do not show him on Khloe and Lamar AT ALL..

    Luv u doll!

  8. avatar
    amanda39564 |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    I am so upset! My husband and i just moved to Mississippi and i told him i HAD to have the cable set up so i did not miss the wedding special, or KUWTK, or Khloe and Lamar….it breaks my heart to say the cable here does not carry E! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! It is so heartbreaking!! Will there be any other way to view the wedding special or any of the shows once they come back on??
    p.s.thanks for all the laughs and for always being yourself!!

  9. avatar
    JAG33 |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    OK Khloe….my girls and I here in Philly watched Kim’s wedding. Why did we leave wanting to see more of you, Lamar, Kourtney and Rob. We like Kim, but we’re not feeling this marriage or Kris. We all gave him the benefit of the doubt, especially since he plays for the Nets. But again , not feeling them together. We’ll watch Part 2 to support you of course. but we may have to turn to watch Rob on DWTS. More feedback from the gals in Philly tomorrow.

  10. avatar
    jasminsandhu |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

    Kris H definitely had it coming! Go Khloe!!

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