Khloe Knows Best: You Ask, I Answer!


So I know I just answered your questions this past Saturday, but I have been so into reading them lately so I just had to answer a few more! Here goes!


How is your diet going? I am on a diet as well and I think it’s so hard to stay on the wagon. Do you have any advice for us slackers and what is the best way to get right back on the diet wagon if ya fall off? My last question is: What are some of your favorite perfumes?  Thanks doll love ya -Tyiana

I love your name Tyiana. Anyway, hey momma! I hope I can help you or at least make you feel better. Now we all slack off at times with diets and we all fall off the wagon, especially around the Holidays, so do not feel bad. Weight and body health is going to be a battle that you have every single day of your life. Even if you are they way you want to be, you need to fight to stay there, so try to not be so hard on yourself.  Give yourself cheat days every so often so you will not binge and go out of control.I try to work out at least 5 times a week.  I love muscle definition, I do not like the typical skinny body, so I personally like to work on muscle and stay thicker. But you have to lose or gain weight for what you want your body to look like. I also try to not eat any white carbs. I still eat carbs but just the good carbs. Honey I have tried it all and I think I have finally found an equal balance that works well with my body and still makes me feel like I am enjoying my life. Do what is best for you! Do not deprive yourself of the things that make you happy. It is all about moderation baby. So stick to your diet and try to work out more if you feel like you overdid it with the food. Working out always makes me feel amazing and it gets my days off to a great start.  I am very proud that you are trying to make yourself a better you!  Work it out sista!


Hey Khole! I asked you this question once before, I just wanted to ask again because it hasn’t been answered yet!  I was just wondering how you felt about your height?  I’m 21-years-old and 5’10 and I’ve always been self conscious about being so tall!  My sister and friends are all shorter than me so I always feel like I tower over people!  I read that you’re 5’9 and I love how you seem to be so confident!  I’ve been wearing heels more lately and trying to embrace my height.. but it’s hard! Thanks sooo much! xo -margaret

Hey Margaret!Sorry I didn’t answer you earlier, but thank you for re-asking me your question.  I love being tall!!! I embrace my height and wear the tallest of shoes!! You should too!!!People always say they wish they had my height! I personally think my sisters are so cute and petite but they always say they wish they had legs like mine…. Ha you always want what you do not have I guess! It doesn’t help that all my friends and my sisters are like 5’2”. But do not let that get you down. Trust me Honey, so many people wish they had height like yours! :)Try to love what you have because I know others do! And please wear your heels and strut your stuff.  xoxo



Hola my Latina PrincessComo estas???  Thank you for the sweet compliment! I am blushing now :)  I actually use proactive for skin. I used to use proactive every morning and every night but now I just use proactive at night. My skin has cleared up a lot so no longer use it twice a day — I do not want to over-irritate my skin. So now in the AM I use Cetaphil facewash and Ponds moisturizer.  They’re both very basic over-the-counter products, but they work well for me. As for bronzers and blush I am pretty much a MAC blush girl.  I like peach colors and pinks.  Lately I have been using cream blush from Mac, which I like, but I still always keep a powder blush in my purse. For bronzers, I like Nars bronzer in the shade “Laguna”.  I love Nars bronzers because they have great colors to match every skin tone and they do not crease your skin.If you want specific colors on my makeup just let me know and I will post them for youAdios!

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    Qiana |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    Hey Khloe…I would love to read more about your specific colors on your makeup…your skin is always so perrrrrrrrrrrrfect ;)

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    Lucas |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    Hi Khloe,
    I just woke up and I got really tired because I woke up early at 3 AM yesterday morning. I.m working on getting a six pack because I love to workout because its important. It was my first day back of school yesterday. I don’t have gym class this year or next year because I passed it and I only have to take it for 2 years and I.m very lucky and I workout somewhere else at Powerhouse Gym. In the summer time I went to Zuma beach to workout and I had to run super fast and I got tired and I have to be tired and you know that I love working out. The girls at my high school wanted me to go shopping with them at the mall because we are hanging out because I love to hang out with girls because I know how to treat them good but I.m still single.
    I always love you
    Love Always

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    Giovy |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    Hey Khloe!!

    I have lost about 120 pounds, and have managed to keep them off for about 2 years, but I have problems in my ab area!!! I was wondering what do you do to keep your abs flat? It is so hard for me!!! I hope you can answer my question :)

    Have a great day; greetings from Puerto Rico!!!


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    Tyiana |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    Hey Khloe, I was so happy to get on and see that you answered my question. THANK YOU SO MUCH……That is some really good advice, I have been working out everyday since the new year and I am proud of myself. Hope your workouts are coming along great. We have the same body type, not skinny or fat, just curvy in the right places. I am pretty tall like you, thanks so much for the advice.

    Love ya much


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    good |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    khloe i like the fact that when a fan gives you a compliment you say “thank you” unlike your sister kim.

  6. avatar
    margaret |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    thanks for answering my question khole!!!

  7. avatar
    CrystalReid |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    OK Sweetcakes when you coming to Jacks Fla cause Iv been waiting waiting boo I no you so busy with your work. I am not the type to rush and swet anyone just saying I no this place call the twisted Martini at the landing its fun me on the other hand I do not go out like that I STAY TO THE HOUSE BUT WHEN YOU TOLD ME YOU WAS THROWING A PARTY[do not like to put ppl bizness on blast like that] I was like that lady on boyz in the hood when she said O MY GOD O O MY GOD I WOULD LUV TO GO ANYWAY LUV YOU. CRYSTAL NICKNAME 6 1

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    Latina Princess |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    Gracias Muñeca!!! It’s great to know you know ur spanish!!!! Thank you so much for that! I totaly appreciate it! Love you girl!

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    angie baby |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    OMG I use Laguna too!! I actually have the Laguna/Orgasm Duo by NARS and I’ve never had a bronzer or blush that worked so well against my skin tone. You said that you liked the Peach colored blushes– you should try Deep Throat by NARS its a nice peachy blush– i think you’d like it! Obviously I’m into makeup :)
    Love you Khloe!

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    leelee3891 |  Posted on Jan 13th, 2009

    hey doll i luv it wen u answer r questions. i have noticed from your posts you seem to be really really happy rite now guess it must be love!! can you tell me what eye make-up (colours of eyeshadows etc) u use. ur eyes are always amazin luv ya xxxxxxxxx

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