Yup…Still Talking About Periods

Hi dolls. Kim, my mom and I had so much fun making those videos where we answered girls’ questions about periods so I wanted to give you all the opportunity to ask me your own questions right here on my blog. I know periods can be a touchy subject but that’s exactly what U by Kotex’s Getting Real Campaign is trying to change. Periods should be a topic that we feel comfortable discussing as women, not something we need to be all hush hush about. So let’s go people, bring on the questions! Ask me about periods, or feminine care or even questions about my own experiences growing up as a female. You know me, I’m more than happy to talk about ANYTHING! LOL.

Leave your question in a comment and I’ll select 10 to answer in a post next week. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got for me :)

If you need inspiration, watch the second episode from the series we created, and you can watch the rest on the Celebuzz Getting Real Page.

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    Melanie Glenn |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    Thank you khloe soo much for this im 16 and i use to never be able to talk about my periods with ANYBODY not even my sister or mom but seeing these videos helped me out alot i actually feel comfortable talking about my body with them sooo its great……THANKS :)

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    Gail |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    Okaaayy…..what do you use to deal with ‘scent’? I shower at least twice a day and change my pad constantly. I thought I’d ask because with your schedule whatever you use has to work!


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    Jocelyne |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    Hi Khloe,

    I was wondering what it is that you use when you have cramps! I get some REALLY bad ones sometimes, and I never take anything, so I’d just like to know if there is anything in particular that you use when your cramping!

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    Blyzz |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    how can i hang out with you and your family can ufollow me on twitter @blyzz007

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    khalid9 |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    I love you <3 .. u look like my sister .. love u both ;)

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    Diana |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    hi I’m from Brazil and I’am a big fan of you … then it’s just this (I am even ashamed)

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    Dan |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    Hi Khloe (: Do you still live a normal life now that you are famous? x

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    Kristin |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    I am tring to get you help for my child. I was in a very abusive marriage and had the couage to walk away. It took alot of planning and talking with one of your interns (who helped me and talked to me so much, she was great!). I got away from the beating, the punches, the wipping, and the bruises. The worse thing D has done is choked me to the point I blacked out. He taught he killed me and was proud and drinking a beer when I came too. I am proud to say I walked away he was home my brother helped me pack the truck and I got to 2 best things in my life out of that house. So proud! I took the 16 hour drive to Yorkville, IL on December 31st. And, havent looked back. Until now. My children are my world, my rock, my heart and soul. I moved in with my sister Angel, her husband Bill, Bry (13), Kylie (5), Zack (4) and Cole 18 months.. Then there is mine Aiden who is 2 and Danika she will be 1 next month on the 5th. My sister moved into a nice house BUT my son Aiden has very bad ashtma and cant breath in the basement where we stay. He was in the hosptial 3 times last month becasue his breathing was so bad and the treatments wherent working. I finially got an interview for the 20th and I am hoping to get the job. But even then I dont think I could get out of here into a home that would be healthy for Aiden. I want to know if you could find it in your heart to help me. Like I said I am a single mother who cant get anybody to help me. If I had family to ask I would have. If I had friends to stay with I would have asked them. This has been the roughest year and I have been threw alot. I have been threw rape (54 stitches up inside), I have been threw my parents hating me, I been threw my family turning there backs on me, I been threw the beatings, the bruises, the pain, the makeup (2xs)two differnet relationships. I have had it rough since 17 ten days before my 18th birthday ever since then its been down hill. My kids are the best thing that ever happened to me I think I would have given up if it werent for them I would be in the ground. I am not asking for a manison (thats not me), I neeed to clean it ..lol I am asking for alittle help, a hero, somebody just to take some weight off my shoulders. I am a mother before student, I am a mother before I am Kristin. I wont stop writing, I wont stop blogging to find someone to help me. I need help and I hate admitting that heck any mother doesnt want to admitshe cant take care of one of her children. I care for him in every other way. I am in the hospital wit hthe first sign of terrible breathing. I am begging you can you please just think about it. You would be saving my sons life and you would help me breath easy knowing my baby boy can breath and the weight is off my shoulders of knowing we are all safe. Please thank you for listening to my story. Your friend and fan Kristin

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    big kardashian fan |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    are you ever coming to CT?i try and watch every show that i can!

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    Jessica |  Posted on Apr 26th, 2010

    Hey Khloe!

    What happens if you get your period…in school?! And you’re wearing a white skirt? What’s the best way to handle this situation?

    Thank you <33

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