Gotta Love Those Tabloids ;)

Hi dolls. So my sisters and I had a great laugh this morning. Star and InTouch Magazines decided to attack our relationships. Apparently I’m heading for divorce, Kim was dumped, and Kourt was duped. Duped?!? What do they even mean by that?? LOL. Wow, sad week for us Kardashian sisters, and how coincidental that this all happened at the same time! That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, Lamar and I are obsessed and can barely be away from each other (he’s actually flying to Miami tonight — we’ve spent a day apart and that’s already too long haha).

To be honest, these types of stories don’t bother me. I find amusement in imagining these writers sitting behind their desks dreaming up the most ridiculously false stories they can come up with just to use us to sell magazines. I just feel the need to clear the air for all of you because you are the ones that should hear the truth firsthand. No, Lamar and I are NOT getting a divorce, Kim was NOT dumped and Kourtney was DEFINITELY NOT duped, whatever they mean by that LOL. All three of us are happier than we’ve ever been and in the most fabulous stages of our lives.

So thank you all for always staying true to us and being so supportive. You mean the world to us! Please continue to support us by NOT supporting these lies — don’t buy this week’s issues! xoxoxo

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    Carenda |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    Very well written Khloe!!!

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    Silla |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    What does duped? Happy to hear no one is hurting!

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    Michelle |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    looks ridiculous to me. they find joy in these things. i guess it’s the only way to sell their magazines. imagine if i was really going through a breakup. imagine these magazines talking about it. i would hate that.

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    Mark Pedley |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    It is ridiculous! Thanks for the free pages… You girls are the only thing worth buying the magazines for nowadays – celeb lives are so dull atm LOL xoxoxo

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    Wednesday |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    Hey Doll,

    I never buy these magazines or even read them while standing in line at the grocery store. I’ve had people try to tell me these stories before, and I always say, “I won’t believe it until it’s on one of their blogs!”

    I’m so glad you three just laugh it off. Not worth your time getting upset about.

    Love you all.

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    MICHELLE |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010


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    sirceejay |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    FUCK THEM… your fans already know the business and know yall are happy.. you shouldnt even have to clear the air. SMH tabloids tabloids.

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    Kristi |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    This is silly but hey you girls are so famous that they love to talk about you. No worries we all know the truth and you girls ROCK! Love you all.

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    EMERALD |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    Fucken HATERS Khloe….. fuck them ol dick ridin hoochies. KARDASHIAN LADIES do what you do BEST, KEEP it REAL! CAN I GET AH AMEN IN THIS BITCH?!! LOL! ;-)

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    Claudia |  Posted on Mar 3rd, 2010

    If you let the media get the best of you, then you would not be who you are today. Let them say whatever, clarify it on here and you will be good. The media is here to make you a celebrity and then break you. If I were you I wouldn’t even read that crap…. just a way for them to make money. Stay positive and you will be okay!

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