Car Mustaches? This is TOO funny!!!!!

I’ve always found it soooo hard shopping for men, but I think I’ve just discovered the perfect gift! I present to you…THE CARSTACHE!!!!! How hilarious?!?! I think I’m going to get one for Lamar haha.

Can you imagine all the funny looks you would get if this were on the front of your car? I love it! I want one in pink :)
Check out to get your very own. Can we please make this the next big thing?! I just want to see a bunch of mustaches cruising around LA haha.

Would you ever rock a stache on your car?

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    gabbi |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

    omg this is to funny
    i want one

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    Beatrice |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

    Pls khloe,

    Am not really not a faithful fan but i saw an episode on Sunday where you were insulting your mum. Is that how you behave? That’s really sad. You are a bad example to many young ladies out there. You ought to be proud that you have a beautiful, hardworking and a mother who always prioritize her kids. Am indeed jealous of you to be blessed of a mom like Chris. Your step dad made you’all yet you treat him like shit. You just ugly inside out! He is the celebrity. I hate you for your disrespectful attitude. Kim respects her mom unlike you and your short sister, whats her name again? The one who is dating that imbecile of her boyfriend.

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    sa |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

    wtf ?? why u even on this site if you dont like khloe !! shes amazing !! everyone has thier ups and downs with their parents, but you still love them !!

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    kellie |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

    khloe do not worry, we ALL love you!!by the way, love the car mustaches! where do i get one at? hey tell your short sister ilove her too. lol….

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    Stromo |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

    Carstatche is brilliant!! Clearly this guy knows what he’s doing. I can’t wait to drive around and see these everywhere. I’m getting my boyfriend, brother and dad one of these. I want a pink one too! Thanks Khloe!!!

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    alexa |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

    jajajaja this is too funny, how the hell did they come up with this lol

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    Yvonne |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

    Khloe, don’t pay any attention to Beatrice. We still love you because we all have bad days with our parents too, especially our moms.

    The carstaches are hilarious! Are you really going to get one for Lamar?

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    jennifer paris bradshaw |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

    hahaha i literally saw this on twitter and started laughing out loud!!! TOO CUTE LOVE YOU KHLOE I WISH YOU WOULD FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER TOO @JENNPARIS

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    viktoria |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

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    Angela Ferreira |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2010

    khloe i’m from brazil and i love you

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