Khloe in the Press: LA Confidential

Hey dolls!  Just wanted to share this feature from the January/February 2009 issue of LA Confidential Magazine. 

In an interview with Elizabeth Hazard, I discussed my DUI, my initial feelings about living my life on camera, my appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, and my ambitions for Dash.  You can read the article by clicking on the images in the photo gallery — I’ve included the entire piece.

The issue is currently on newsstands so you can also pick up your own copy! 

Let me know what you think.  xoxo

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    *Valeri* |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009


    You looked great! I love the confidence you show, even in an interview!

    Can’t wait to see you on the Celebrity Apprentice soon!

    Let us know when it’ll be airing!

    Love Much!


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    t |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

    i have to order this great interview i am so excited for you good on ya ms khlo3 good on ya

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    meach |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

    khloe baby
    i love how your lipsz look what do you put on them?
    also how did you get your body like?
    that i wish my girl had your body and i love your eyes you are my dreamgirl.

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    Clumzie!! |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

    Hey Khloe!
    Congrats on the article! Anyway, just wanted to ask you if you have ever broken ur arm before? Monday night i went snowboarding w some friends, i tried hitting the box and i brooke my arm pretty severly. Point im getting to is that i have a new job and its really hard for me to want to get all dolled up and feel good about myself (especially w this blue sling going across me) If you could give me any tips i would really appreciate it a lot.
    clumzie :(

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    Denise K |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

    You look sooooo great in this picture Khloe!!!

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    Joey Sauer |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

    Wow! You look damn amazing Khloe, I love it! I’ll go read the article now, thanks for posting heaps!

    Joey xx

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    heather |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

    Hey Doll,
    I think this is the reason we all like you so much because you are real, we don’t feel like were watching a fake life. I really do trust that you are who you portray. I think most of us can associate with you the closest because you are like us. Thanks for keeping it real we love you for it….

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    Lauraeurope |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

    Hi Khloe!!
    I knew your show by accident from youtube and I think that the clip I saw was soo fun! I wanted to watch the entire season but I am from Barcelona and here it doesn’t air, so if you know where I can find the season, I would be so glad!!
    And another restlessness, at what time do you normally get up?? because I saw that sometime youupdate so early!!!! And finally ( I promise..!!!) at what time do you go home when yo go out for a party..?? Thanks for give me such a good time watching the clip “junk in the trunk”

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    sarah<3 |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

    khloe u look soo gorgeous on this! and heather u are right! khloe is sooo real thats why i love her!!lol

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    Giovy |  Posted on Jan 14th, 2009

    Khloe you look gorgeus!!!! Love ya!!!

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