Khloé in the Press: GO SAINTS!!!

Hi dolls. Just wanted to share my press clippings from the past week.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend and are getting ready for Superbowl Sunday!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!

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    Amanda |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    Hi Khloe! Lots of love from Holland, i love to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians but love to watch you the most!!!

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    nuks |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    Hey Khole…Ilove You Alot !…And i love The Fact That You Are Proud Of Your Body !!!

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    GO COLTS |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    GO COLTS!!!
    And the ONLY reason I am rooting for them is because I don’t want to see or hear from Kim on an hourly basis! Yep, that’s my only reason! IF she wasn’t such a selfish, obnixious, self centered snob, I would support her.
    Love the Lakers! Whoo Hoo, Go Lamar!

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    funny |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    @GO COLTS – Stop worrying about Kim!! If you don’t keep up with her then you have no need to worry about what she has to say. You need to worry about learning how to spell correctly!!

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    whatwhat! |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    cant believe you had the NERVE to say why is SNOOKIE @the grammys she is ‘famous’ like you are FOR NO REASON EXCEPT SOCIETY IS ILL…AT LEAST SHE DIDNT RIDE ON HER SISTERS SEX TAPE TO JOIN A SHOW…STAY CLASSY

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    Tina |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    ^Ummm, Get a life for real! If you claim the Kardashian aren’t important then, why are you following them! Who Dat! Go Saints!

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    E.W. |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    Do you have a sex tape? I’d like to see it if so. Kim’s was boring.

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    Alee |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    hey Khloe!!! hope you’re having fun this weekend and getting ready for the Saints to kick some Colts butt lol…i was on South Beach earlier with my friends and we couldn’t find the Dash store, what street is it on??

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    B |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    YAYYY GEAUX SAINTS!!!! love ya khloe!!

    i was wondering, which stores is the kardashian jewelry going to be in?

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    Mizz_Arabian_Queen |  Posted on Feb 6th, 2010

    OMG i want them to WINNNNNN so badd
    i think the saint are hotter then the solt
    people are makeing it seem like its kendra and her hubby Vs. kim and her hubby
    but you no that the saint are gunna winnn
    no need to compare the to..

    WOOPWOPPP!!!gooooooo SEXYYYY saints!!!!!!

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