Khloé After Dark W/ Melissa Joan Hart

I had the best time chatting with Melissa Joan Hart on Khloé After Dark!!! We talked successful and unsuccessful ways to slim down and each shared a few diet secrets :)

What’s your favorite weight loss tip???

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    Aimee |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    Awesome! Melissa is great :)

    Twitter: AimeeNJ

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    Abi |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    Hey..what station is ur show on u never announce it

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    Abi |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    N great show I luv it

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    KeetaRay |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    Aww, nice interview. I love Melissa Joan Hart, too, and she definitely looks great :-)

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    Ciera |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    Hey I love Khloe she is so pretty oh and follow me on twitter Ciera2222!!!

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    sking140 |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    Mellisa is awesome. Khloe is awesome. Follow me khloe sking140.

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    Brittany Nicole |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    HEY Khloe I loved the interview and I love you show! Keep up the GREAT work hun!


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    Maura |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    hey khloe! i just wanted to say that if u think u need to diet go for it. its ur choice.. but in my opinion ur perfect the way u r! u r such a gorgeous girl! and i fuckin love ur personality! ur the realest one on tv! keep it up!

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    Terri J. |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    Hey, Khloe! Loved the interview with Melissa Joan Hart! I’ve always thought that she was such a good actress. I can’t believe she has 2 kids. That must be so amazing for her! Hope to see and hear more great things from you and the shows (both radio and T.V.). Follow me on Twitter….GumpPinky2009!!! Love you lots!

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    Cristina |  Posted on Aug 26th, 2009

    Your sooo good at the radio talk show & interviewing…just just a natural! Keep up the good work! :)

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