Khloé in the Press: Sister Style

Hi dolls! How’s your weekend going so far?? Mine has been good — just trying to control my excitement for tomorrow!! Easter AND a new episode of Khloé & Lamar… it’s going to be a great day! Anyway, here are my press clippings from this past week. There was a lot about my sisters and I borrowing clothes from each other. The funny thing is, we rarely borrow clothes or shoes from each other. I am a size 10 in shoes, Kourt is a 5, and Kim is a 7. Also, we’re all pretty greedy about our clothes LOL. Sometimes we just end up buying the same things coincidentally since we have similar taste!

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  1. JennieJen |  Posted on Apr 23rd, 2011

    I wish I had sisters so I could share the same clothes! All you girls looks great.

  2. Desi ♥ Doll |  Posted on Apr 23rd, 2011

    OMG Khloe, I wear a size 10 shoe too! It’s kind of embarassing and harder to find shoes. Size 10 shoe sista, you feel our pain! You should do a blog post about size 10 feet and how you deal with it.

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    Kate |  Posted on Apr 23rd, 2011

    Hey, Khlo!!!

    I don’t have any sisters (or brothers for that matter… lol), so I don’t get to share clothing and stuff! I share some things with my mom!!! Usually though I’m the one who borrows stuff from her closet (and then forget to return them) but they’re mainly bags and silk scarves ( my mother has an amazing collection)! I can’t borrough clothes and shoes because I’m much taller than her so her clothes don’t fit me and her shoe size is to small… :(

    PLEASE, Khloe, answer to some of our posts as you used to do!!! It would mean the world to us fans to be able to kind of communicate with you! I’m not a stalker or something – I live in the other part of the world, in a country where your shows aren’t on TV, so I’ve found out about you and your sisters through the internet!!! Since then, you’re my style icons!!! I like the way you accentuate your curves, because I’m a curvy Mediterranean girl myslef, and you gave me the confidence to wear mini skirts and skinny jeans (I used not to wear these things because I thought they made my hips look bigger – and I’m not at all fat, just curvy!!!). Anyways, I had many insecurities regarding my body, which now are gone by watching how you girls dress!!!
    You must think I’m very silly being inspired so deeply be someone’s outfits, but the truth is dressing properly can lift a woman’s confidence very high!!!



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    lrosa65 |  Posted on Apr 23rd, 2011

    Hi Khloe,

    This may be a bit off the topic here, but I had to write you. It’s been great seeing you come into your own over the years (thanks to E), and I have to tell you I am so impressed!! You are a leader and someone that many women (young and old…like me) are going to look up to. I can’t imagine Oprah crying over her weight, and I can’t imagine you doing that either. You are so special. I look forward to the day when you realize the power you have, and seeing you grow into your own skin. What a wonderful woman you have become. Please add me to ‘your’ growing fan list!

    You go girl!


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