Khloé in the Press: Nail Trends & Wedding Tips

Hi my loves!! Just wanted to share my press clippings from the past week. Our line with OPI, Kardashian Kolors, was included in a celebrity nail trends feature, which is super exciting!!! Also, I gave Life & Style my tips for a fabulous wedding, which is one of my fav things to talk about LOL.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend dolls!!! xoxoxo

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    Shey87 |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

    Khloe I think you where the blued dress better then the other chick. You have more curve so you filled up the dress very well. Nice tip you gave Kim for her wedding. Especially the one about being a bridezilla I can actually imagine Kim being a bridezilla lol. And i dont think you are trying to look like Kim. I dont know why people right stuff like tht. You look good just the way you are. N just F**K everyone else. If they dont like it tht there problem. Keep looking sexy girl!!!! XOXOXO :)

    • ba.hoops25 |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

      Khlo, you rocked that blue dress better dolly cakes! =) Enjoy your weekend

  2. avatar
    Shey87 |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

    Im actually stock at work which i shouldnt even be on the website. But who cares i know i dont. Not when it comes to see what the sis is doing lol.Have a great weekend KHloe

  3. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

    Your wedding was beautiful so, I think you talking about it will
    help others make their special day as beautiful as yours!

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    biggie |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

    put a picture of lamar and the lil boy he ran over. and you are fat and ugly you will never look like kim who knows who your dad is. your mom has to get work for you girls 10%you look more like bruce is daughter.

    • ba.hoops25 |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

      Biggie what a RUDE person you are !!!!! Khloe may not look like kim ,But she is still drop dead pretty!

  5. Melissa Coakley |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

    I’m a huge supporter of U Dolls…Your wedding will always be my favorite..U and lamar represent what a beautiful #Unbreakable family should look like :) ( Love U Dolls )

  6. avatar
    Shey87 |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

    There goes Biggie again talking his or her cuz who knows who the fat bitch is. They send there support to the lil boy that die in an accident that happen between the driver and the motorcycle. It had nothing to do with Khloe and Lamar except the fact that they hired the company to drive them in New York. Bitch your fat and ugly. Especially how your sitting here talking about khloe being fat once again baby girl or boy you user name is Biggie bitch. Obvioulsy like i said before your fat gut enjoys coming to this website just to talk to shit cuz your nothing but a hater…. So why dont you go hate yourself for hating on people. HATER!!!!!!!! That is her real dad you stupid dumb ass she just looks more like Kris side of the family instead of her dad. But if you seen baby pic dummy you can tell. So stop with the .org stuff(BS). Once again your nothing but a HATER. She looks nothing like Bruce. Khloe dont let a stupid bitch like that get to you. Theres nothing but HATERS in this world and BIGGIE is one of them.

  7. avatar
    Shey87 |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

    BIGGIE IS A HATER, has nothing else to do so likes to come on Khloe website and talk shit. Y dont you go jerk of or finger yourself. Cuz once again we dont know wether your a fat bitch or a fat bitch(dude).

  8. avatar
    Shey87 |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

    You know what i just notice that in one of the other the pictre that Khloe has there goes BIGGIE again to his or her shit. I cant believe that she loves khloe so muh she just comes to her website to talk shit on it. Bitch your lucky is Khloe cuz talk shit to me bitch I wouldve been F***ed you up. You know what give me your momma’s number i need to call her so she can bend your ass over and beat you with a woodenstick so you could learn to stop being a hater just because you bitch ass is ugly. BIGGIE HATER!!!!!!!!!! BIGGIE HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. avatar
    biggie |  Posted on Jul 23rd, 2011

    she looks like my ass after i shit………………………………..

  10. avatar
    Shey87 |  Posted on Jul 24th, 2011

    so out of all that i said that all youcan respond you must be like 10yrs old coming to a website to talk shit about the person on the website. Y dont you got play some video games. You forgot to give me your momma’s number so she can kick your a$$ n if she wont do it tell her to let me know i be more then glad to show her how to discipline the HATER she raised.

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