Khloé in the Press: Mason’s “Old Man” Style

  • Khloe Kardashian's edgy YRB shoot is covered in the press.
  • The Kardashian sisters' deal with Sears makes news.
  • Khloe Kardashian shares her press clippings.
  • Khloe Kardashian beats Paris Hilton in Who Wore It Best.

Khloe Kardashian shares her press clippings, including a clip about Mason's old man style.

I love this press clipping about Mason having old man style!! I personally think he’s the most well-dressed baby I know thanks to his stylish mama, but I have to admit that the specific pics the magazine chose are very old man-like LOL. Definitely put a smile on my face!

Click through the gallery to see the rest of my press clippings. Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!!! xoxoxo

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  1. Saida |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2011

    AWW I love Mason, so cuteeeeee

  2. Desi ♥ Doll |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2011

    So what if they’re calling it “Old Man Style!” Mason is still the cutest baby ever!!

    Khloe I miss seeing you on Kourtney and Kim take New York. I mean it’s their show, but you’re the best! I’m excited you’re in this week’s episode. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. avatar
    Nardjisse |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2011

    I actually love how Kourt dresses him! He’s just too cute, tell him he needs to stop growing up so fast! <3

    You are beautiful khloe <3

  4. avatar
    EmmaJoy |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2011

    Mason is the most adorable baby in the world!!! Thank you for always sharing with us! I love hearing from you! You are such a positive role model that I look up to in my life! Thank you Khloe!!!

  5. avatar
    juicycouture07 |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2011

    how cute!!! I LOVE mason!!!!!!!!!

  6. JennieJen |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2011

    Mason is such a cute kid. I know the family is always out in the spotlight but I’m glad Kourt decided not to shoot Mason during the NYC filming because she is right… was too crazy! I hope Mason grows up and understand how much of a loving family he has.

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your family Khloe =D

  7. avatar
    HAUTESALESGAL |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2011

    I’m not a mommy (yet) and I too have a nephew… such a beautiful blessing and yours seems like a sweet child – love him up while you can those babies grow up so fast! Mine is only 9 but he’s on his BlackBerry and busy with his activities now I wish he was still a toddler … have fun!
    , LvD

  8. avatar
    jac_carlsen |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2011

    klo i have commented on a few of your posts, i just really want to know HOW to do my hair like you get yours curled?! its so hair doing it myself! especially the back!
    you kourt and kim always have amazing curls in the show and i would like to see how its done, do you use a straightner or a curling wand? and is there a video of your hairdresser doing it or do you girls do it yourself?xxxx
    love from australia!

  9. avatar
    Megan |  Posted on Jan 30th, 2011

    hey khloe, mason’s so adorable and even if he wore a potato sack he’d still be cute! U r very stylish yourself, im 11 so what fashion tips have u got??? ur my inspiration and i adore u! your book is out here in the uk in 2 weeks , r u coming over here to do a book signing??? i live in south wales near a small place called swansea and it would b great if u came over as u have so many fans! luv ya xxx

  10. avatar
    StephanieAK |  Posted on Jan 31st, 2011

    I agree that they dress little Mason like an old man, unfortunately. He already has kind of a “mature” face, so the clothes don’t help. I’d rather see him in playful children’s clothes, he’s just a little baby, after all. He’ll have plenty of time to dress like an adult later in life. Also, the clothes remind me of Scott and I really dislike his style. Sorry Khlo, just being honest. Love your show btw

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