Khloé in the Press: Kim’s Big Day!

Hi my loves! Here are my press clippings from last week — a lot of stuff about Kimmie’s wedding and the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. Click through the gallery for a closer look! xoxo

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  1. @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

    Hi Khloe !!

    How is your day going..Good I hope.!!
    I got first comment WOOHOO..

    I love looking at your press clippings..

    I have a Kardashian Fan Site on twitter — @Kardash_Ireland — And I have started doing weekly press clippings as well from the magazines I read.. Check it out :)

    Cant believe Kims wedding is on Saturday !! When will you be telling us who won your #KhloeLAmarTCA contest !! I cant wait to know who won !!! Hope it is me !! Fingers Crossed !!! LOL

    Have a great day and week !!

    Leanne x

  2. Kardashian Nation |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

    OMG Khloe IM SO EXCITED! Kim is getting married here in my hometown!! Ive been wondering when you guys would be back to visit….and then I hear the AWESOME news!! such a good choice to get married here in Beautiful Montecito, Santa Barbara county, Ca!! I was so excited when I found out, everyone told me I act like I got a invitation!! LMAO! Have a great week Doll! XO

  3. KhloeLamarFR |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

    Kim will have a SUPPPPPEEER-WEDDING !!! ♥ LIKE U !!

  4. Whitney KaleasMama Willis |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

    I absolutely love the Kardashians! Khloe is my fave because she is different, beautiful, tall, and doesn’t care what others think of her. Great role model for young girls. Keep up the good work Khloe! Hope all the Kardashians have a very blessed day, and best wishes to Kim on a long, happy marriage. <3

  5. Farnoosh Hg Avinovitsky |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

    khloe you are So young yet so mature

    • Michelle Williams |  Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

      hi,khloe i love ur style

  6. avatar
    Kacè Nikole |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

    I made this for you and Lamar please check it out

  7. avatar
    dashlove4 |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

    Khloe I must say your awesome! lol I’ve been at home all day enjoying your show, Khloe & Lamar! …. while taking advantage of my summer now that classes have ended. And your show has brought nothing but smiles. Your funny and speak your mind. Wish one day I could meet you and Rob ;)
    I was thinking… Maybe you all can have like a celebrity meet day? Like have a contest or something and the winner be able to hang out with you all for one day? Just an idea… :) Let us know what you think!

    • Kardashian Nation |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

      Great idea!!!! or have a DAILY DOLL day! for all of us that are on here EVERYDAY!! :)

  8. Lauren Lafko |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

    If you love the kardashians follow me!!/krazedkardash

  9. Meg Pieper |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2011

    hi khloe you are so pretty love ya

  10. Sidd Finn |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2011

    Kim’s wedding is getting close. I am looking forward for the TV coverage. This could be the next big wedding right after the Royal Wedding. I have seen in this website the set of their guest list. Kim Kardashian wedding guest list details

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