Kendall Towers Over Her Big Sis!

This pic was taken at our Thanksgiving dinner but I had to separate it from the rest of the pics because it’s so amazing!!!!! Definitely worthy of its own post LOL. It honestly looks like Kendall is standing on something but she’s really not. How insane?! That’s why people think I’m soooo tall — I really am not, Kourt is just sooooo short. Man, I bet Kourt never thought she’d see the day that her little sister towered over her! LOL.

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    Salas |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

    Hey love! congrats on your book!!! wished i was in NY to meet you! your AWESOME!! xoxo

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    carly |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

    Oh wow! that’s crazy!

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    irem |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

    woooow!! hahaha!!
    i wish you could sell your book in Turkey =(( i don’t want to order from amazon because the last 2 books i ordered never made it :’(

    btw, im still upset that you didn’t post any pics from your visit to istanbul :/

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    Monica |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

    omg! how crazy! yea Kourt is like 5 foot tall! haha. I’m like 5″2″ so I’m a shortie too lol

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    Rebecca |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

    OMG. Kendall’s legs start from like Kourt’s BOOBS! shiiiittt. :D

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    Annie |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

    Are they both wearing heels, they can’t be. I’m 5′ and my BF is 5’9 and he is not THAT much taller than me :O or is Kendall taller than 5’9? Wich I was 5’9 though :( lucky you Khloe!

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    raine |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

    lol!! so sweet!!Kourt is so tiny!!

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    Dee`Jaye |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

    WOW! LOL How akward for Kourt right!? hahahaha .. I SWEAR KENDALL IS YOUR TWIN KHLO, identical at that! Kourt’s outfit is really cute:) Bye doll

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    GOSSIPGIRLNYC |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010


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    Sona |  Posted on Nov 30th, 2010

    ok so that can’t be right at all!! look at this!
    just look at this! she’s not THAT tall

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