Keeping Up With Khloe: The Fam At A ‘Maxim’ Party

The whole fam headed to a Maxim party together the other day and we had so much fun! Maxim and extreme sports got together and threw the party and it was awesome. Kind of an odd combo but hey, sexy women and hot men! Sounds like a good combo to me! :)

Adrienne died her hair dark recently! I love that hair color on her! What do you think?

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    Ms. T. |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    That looks like a fun party. I like Adrienne’s hair the lighter shade though!! But she still looks really cute :)

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    Yuni |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    You look Stunning Khlo!!!! You are very preatty!! you look so much like your mom!!!!

    and about Adriennes hair I think she looks better w the lighter color bc with this dark color her skin color looks darker.. I honestly don’t like Adrienne but anyways your brother is so inlove w her huh???

    Are they getting married anytime soon???

    Whos apt were those pics taken at?

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    Columbus, GA |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    I like it darker just because it looks good with her complection. I love your dress, you looked cute. Kim looks pale as hell. I think its funny how she went from dark as hell (camping trip) to white as hell. I thought the spray tans fade. Anyway, i love your site!!!! Except for its been distorted the past few times I’ve gotten on. Has this happen to anybody else?

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    Koko |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    You guys look fab. Hey Khole did Rob and Adrienne get married?

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    yeahhh |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    I sent you and your sister a cute present to smoooch! you will loveee, you guys are amazingg I loook up to you and kim and kourtney!

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    NYC |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    Columbus, GA – The Maxim party was prior to the camping trip, that’s why Kim is not tanned in the pictures. Per her blog, she just returned from Mexico before going camping (hint the reason for the tan)

    It’s strange that you would come on Khloe’s website and state that you don’t like Adrienne. Do you know Adrienne personally? Of course not, you really sound silly!

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    Yester  |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    Adrienne fits perfectly with the Kardashian Family.

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    Jamie |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    Please tell Kourtney to leave her boyfriend, she can do so so so much better.

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    rob |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    All latina’s look great with darker hair idk why lol im puerto rican and cuban too alot of the ladies in my family have darker hair too idk why lol and the party seemed like it was bangin lol woudve luvd to be their well luv ya doll muahh!

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    Michaela Young |  Posted on Aug 13th, 2008

    Hey doll!!! You are my absolute FAVE!!!! I just love you! I actually got my bangs cut just like yours when they were the blunt heavy bangs! every one said i looked just like you!
    Loves it!-Michaela

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