Keeping Up WIth Khloe: Another Party For Kourtney!

Last week 944 Magazine had a VMA Week Party and Kourtney got to host it with Kim and me as special guests. She’s going to be on the cover of their magazine and it will be her first cover ever. I’m very excited for her!

It seemed like everyone was there. The Game, Jermaine Dupri, Pink, Perez Hilton, Jamie Foxx. There were so many people that I can’t even remember who else!

We filmed the party for Keeping Up with the Kardashians so you guys will be able to see how much fun we had when it airs this coming season. It was a blast, and we took tons of photos that you can see in the gallery! :)

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    bellagirl |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    Khloe….You are so beautiful!!! You are also friggin’ hilarious. You definately seem like you are the funnest to hang with. I love your whole family…Can’t wait until the new season of KUWTK!!!!

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    Marlene |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    Thanks for the pics Khloe! You all look amazing! I see Adrienne went back to her lighter hair color. Looks like an amazing party!

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    melissaloveskhloe |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    Why are you girls so gorgeousssss!!
    i love you khlo!

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    Michelle |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    Damn girl you look stunning! You and your sisters are everywhere and I aint mad atcha ya. You always around gorgeous people too! I need a man. Let me holla at some of Rob’s friends, they fine as hell!!

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    Lo |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    lol how are you able to tell the twins apart?

  6. avatar
    alicia |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    what an EXCITING life!!

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    Columbus, GA |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    dang khlo, you look really good! Kourtney is so damn pretty!

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    Vicacious V |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    You need to update your blog. We miss when you go more than two days. I know you are busy but keep us posted!!!!!!!! Your are loved and missed.

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    PAULA |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    Hello khlo …
    Good for you, in my country not to convey a while …
    but I see in your page, you will be very funny as ever …
    I love you much …
    khloe. information I send a message with a photograph in the mail hope that the review ..
    so that you and your sisters I Know you like me,
    Kimmy and kourtney …
    talk to khloe, Kimmy and kourt another day …

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    v602aznava |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2008

    not sure if you are going to get this but i have a question…. your friend “the twins” were they in the same girl by usher and r.kelly video …. just asking so if you can just let me know … if you have time thanks….

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