Don’t Miss the ‘Keeping Up’ Season Finale TONIGHT!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season Finale
Tonight’s the big night! The season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians is finally here and it’s an episode you won’t want to miss! Watch two previews below and then tune in tonight at 9/8c only on E!

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    Romance89 |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

    Khloe, can’t wait until the season seven finale. It’s been a wonderful season!!!!! oxox

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      zzxx |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

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  3. DashAlways |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

    Wish I could see these clips in the UK! But oh well, so excited oh yeah oh yeah! Will deffo be an intersesting/sad/amazing episode! Hope you have a good time in Miami!:)xo

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    Jennerdolls2011 |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

    Hey khlo! You don’t know how much you mean to me I love you so so much I’ve been a fan since 09/10 idk I get confused:P haha anyway please please if you see this follow me or tweet me on twitter? it would mean the universe! !!!<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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    Khlover_italy |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

    Hi khloe!!! i’m @kardashianTbest …i love u so much, u are my role model!!

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    zzxx |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

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    Campbc16 |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

    I’m so excited for the finale but I don’t want the season to be over! I’m such a big fan of yours!

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    melamarie04 |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

    Hi Khloe,

    I just wanted to say that you are my fav! And I appreciate you very much for your willingness to share with the world you fertility issues. I’ve been married for 8yrs now and have tried for just as long to have a baby, as of yet we still are not pregnant. In the beginning it was hard, it seemed as if everyone around me was getting pregnant and I wasn’t; then when I found out that I was the issue (I don’t ovulate) it was even harder. I’ve been through all of the fertility treatments and nothing worked… I just wanted to encourage you, I pray that you do actually read this… It may not be easy, but don’t ever give up faith! You will get pregnant in God’s perfect timing and you are going to be an amazing mother! There will be many highs and lows in this process as you may know, but the one thing that has kept me is knowing that ultimately God is in control. I’ve developed alot of patience in this process and it has definitely strengthened my marriage. I will be keeping you in my prayers!!! I’m not gonna say goodluck, but I will say MANY BLESSINGS to you!! I pray you don’t have to wait 8yrs lol… but no matter what or how long don’t lose your faith! It will happen, you are ALREADY a mom even though it hasn’t manifested yet! You and Lam-Lam will have gorgeous babies!!

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    melbothun |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

    Hello Khloe, I just wanted to tell you to keep faith in having a baby. I have wanted to write this to you for a long time and after watching tonights episode I decided to finally do it. I also had been trying for over 2 years with my husband to get pregnant. After a year I found out that I was born with a half of a uterus and only one functioning fallopian tube. I was ovulating but they weren’t sure how often and they knew that I was not ovulating at a level of me being able to get pregnant. I went on the same hormone as you and started it on day 3 of my period and we got pregnant within 4-6 months (I can’t remember specifically). My first pregnancy I did have a miscarriage but I went back on the hormone after I was told it was ok and got pregnant again. Our baby girl is 4 months old today and very healthy!! So if we did it you can to, just keep faith and don’t get down on yourself it will happen!!

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    JaryLes |  Posted on Sep 16th, 2012

    Not sure if you’ll see this or not but I just wanted to tell you how inspirational you are. After actively trying to conceive for 2 years, I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS which causes me to not ovulate. Its such a relief to know what’s going on now & I can finally take the right steps to start ovulation. Anyways, I love you & Lamar & wish you guys nothing but the best during these trying times. *sprinkles baby dust* :) xoxo

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