The Fam Covers Katy Perry’s ‘Extraterrestrial’

The Kardashians cover Katy Perry.
Hi dolls! Happy Tuesday!!!!! I hope you all had a fab Memorial Day weekend. I’m so excited to finally present to you the Kardashian/Jenner/Odom/Disick/Humphries family music video. Kendall and Kylie are so creative and they always make music videos with their best friends Spencer and Madeline, but this time, they wanted the ENTIRE family to participate. We all learned the words to Katy Perry’s song ‘Extraterrestrial’ (even Bruce LOL) and then took turns lip syncing to it. My favorite part is where Masey is dancing. How cute is he?!

I’m so happy Kenny and Kylie made this video — it’s so much fun for us to watch and it’s something we’ll always have. I love my family!!!!

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  1. Kardashian Nation |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    OMG I LOVE LOVE IT!! soo cute! u guys did a great job! very entertaining to watch! sexy and funny, cute!!

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    irem23 |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    i love it :))) keep it up kendall and kylie

  3. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    This is amazing. Have it on replay. Loved how Kris makes the entrance
    and the face Kourtney makes LOL!

  4. avatar
    biggie |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    are you kidding me. you should make a video of lamar how he embarresed the lakers. or you choping ladies that cant have babys. or kim getting it in the rear from what you do best………….piggy klhoe does you mom get 10%.from this.

    • Kardashian Nation |  Posted on May 31st, 2011


    • avatar
      devaughnayers |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

      why even go through the effort of creating an account if you’re just gonna bitch…

    • Tress |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

      Jealousy is a hell of a drug. Don”t get mad because your family doesn’t like each other and wouldn’t be caught dead on a vacation together because there’s no love. You sound like a product of your environment. Angry and miserable!

    • avatar
      dayvara |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

      agree with all repliers to this hideous comment – go and ROTATE FOOL!!
      Love you guys Khloe and Lamar and the whole fam :-)

    • avatar
      hoodwife773 |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

      sorry ass hatin bitch Lamar and the lakers did there best your ass cant even afford a NBA game Khole looks good

    • NickiRozay |  Posted on Aug 22nd, 2011

      how can u call her piggy when ur sn is BIGGIE hahahaha maybe u should click the quickl trim button on the side, to slim down your haterism! Chucccchhh~ or noo, as Khlo wud say, #Bible~

  5. princesaisella |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    The hottest family!!!!!! kisses for all

  6. avatar
    devaughnayers |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    haha this is so cool!!

  7. Tress |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    Beautiful, close knit family! You can just feel the love they have for each other. You guys love to have fun! It’s contagious!

  8. avatar
    devaughnayers |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    hey Khloe…I’m thinking about transferring schools and wanted to know what you think. I remember you saying how you cant keep up with DM’s but I thought I would give it a shot and see what you thought. If you ever find time I DM’ed you about it! Sorry for asking but you’re such a great role model and inspiration that I had to ask! :) thanks for everything!


  9. Sarah Williams |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    Oh my gosh I am in love with this. You guys have such a great family – you must be proud. This put a smile on my face, and made me feel like I know you even though I don’t.

  10. avatar
    MargaridaMFigueiredo |  Posted on May 31st, 2011

    LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! GO GO KARDASHIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV U ALL!!!

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