Celebrating the Engagement of Kim and Kris!

  • Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom and baby Mason at the engagement celebration for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries celebrate their engagement and mom Kris Jenner's house with entire family.
  • Baby Mason at the engagement celebration for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

Hi dolls. I just wanted to share these pics from the night Kim and Kris got engaged. The entire family got together at my mom’s house for a “family dinner” — none of us thought it would be any different from our usual family get-togethers. Kim walked in late (OF COURSE) and nonchalantly flashed that rock of hers and we all started screaming! Well… It took us a few minutes to notice, but once we did, everyone started freaking out LOL. My mom obviously went all out with ponies covered in glitter and a magnificent princess cake. Would you expect any less of her??

It was such a happy night — so much love in the air. I know that sounds cheesy, but that’s the only way to explain it.

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  1. Mcneese Chick |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

    So happy for all of you ladies!

    • alimah |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

      GORGEOUS AWARD!!! <3

      • crazybabylove26 |  Posted on Sep 8th, 2011

        awwwww so happy for you guys :)

  2. avatar
    kardashianfanforever |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

    ahhh!! soooo cute!! hope the whole evening was filmed! can’t waiiit to see that! =) <3
    hey, could you tell Kendall that she is getting cuter and cuter every time i see her?? =) and Kylie too!! Mason looks just like Scott! am-azing! and W-O-W do you and Lamar make a great couple!! <3<3

    • KardashianGang |  Posted on Jun 4th, 2011

      These photos are so cuuuutee! [: xxx
      Love @KardashianGang

  3. avatar
    Jessica22 |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

    Khloe, you are friggin hilarious taking all those pics with the pony. You look gorgeous, congrats to Kim!

  4. Kardashian Nation |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

    Awww! looks like an amazing night! thx for sharing Doll! i was waiting for some pics :) I cant wait till the wedding! and I love that he’s a basketball player like Lamar!!

  5. Desi ♥ Doll |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

    Hi Khloe! Thanks for sharing! When I heard about the ponies covered in glitter, I thought My Little Ponies on the table as a decoration, ha! Maybe because of the glitter. I never thought there would be REAL ponies! Mama Kris has to be a lil’ krazy…

  6. Melissa Coakley |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

    Kongratulations Dolls:-) May The Good Lord Kontinue 2 Bless U:-)

  7. 16ringsandcouting |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

    Beautiful pictures! The whole family looks soo happy!! You and Lamar look so in love! As do Kim and Kris of course! Mason seems to love Lamar:)

  8. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

    Awww! Wish I could be there. Just by this beautiful pic I know
    the night was a success! xo

  9. avatar
    linnmurray |  Posted on Jun 3rd, 2011

    Hey Doll,

    I’m not sure what’s funnier. Masey’s faces or that every other picture is you and the mini horse.


  10. shanice09 |  Posted on Jun 4th, 2011

    Aaaaah they look sooooo happy 2gether!!

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