Enough Is Enough

It is disgusting that Life & Style and InTouch magazines continue to print these false stories about my life: the status of my marriage, false reports about a miscarriage, the horrible lie that my dad is not my biological father, jealousy over my sisters’ lives, etc. It is a complete waste of time to address these reports every time they print these ridiculous and absurd tabloid stories, but not only are these stories untrue, they’re also unfair to the people who buy the magazines expecting to read accurate reports. Anyone who pays attention to these things can easily see the incredible bond that everyone in my family shares. I’m happily married to a wonderful man and fall in love with him more and more each day, and we’ll have a baby when god wants us to and when the time is right. These blatant lies are distasteful and shameless.

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    Lovexoxo |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    Khloe you’re a beautiful woman. Your relationship with your sisters is exactly the same as I hold with mine.
    Keep your head up Khloe God has a wonderful plan for you….xxx

  2. Elvis Petty Jr. |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    Sum Day i’ll be famous… sad that people do believe anything they see.

  3. Cathy Summerville |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    Good for you Khloe you are right u will have a child when GOD say so. It may not be GOD time for you he has a plan for your life. Stay STRONG the day will come.

  4. claireyb |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    It must be so heartbreaking to read these stories, but i’m SO happy you have addressed it. Why are these people so hung up around negativity??? Like come on!!!! You have a wonderful marriage, family & life and everything happens in time. At the end of the day these lame magazines will continue to talk bull, but you know what? at least YOU know what you got is GOOD. In your heart, that’s all that matters! Remember that, Love you Khlo, stay being you!!! AND DON’T FORGET TO SHAKE YA TITS! lmao! MUAAAAHHHHHHHH xoxo

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    lollo |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    You are beautiful khloe, don’t pay attention to those haters and all the jealousy the have . You know your self and your fans belive in you truly. Those magazins just wanna have a little bit of attention , and its just annoying. If you know your self enough then let them say what they want , they are going to lose not you. Like I always says payback is a bitch , and there time is coming so don’t pay attention. We love you kloe Im a big fan love xoxox from sweden !!

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    michelleandrychuk |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    Hi, I am new to your site, but have admired you for some time now. The tabloids are evil vultures preying on the innocent. You are gorgeous inside and out, hardworking and a dedicated wife, sister, daughter and friend. I love seeing your sweetness, your love of life and your passion for all that is good in life and in your relationships. Keep on keeping your chin up. Continue taking the high road, as it is where you belong! God WILL continue to bless your life in ways HE sees fit, not to the expectations on man. Biggest hugs!

  7. Tress |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    Khloe you and Lamar have something special. Continue to love, support, protect, and respect each other. We love and support you both. Just live your life for each other.

  8. Key Stimphil |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    let them hate on you this is what they are good at “lies”
    if i was in your shoes i would put them on blast make ‘em go out of business
    for this BS. haters have to be around . i wouldn’t worry about cause at the end of the day without the haters where would you be. DO YOU

  9. April-Jack Faulkenberry-Brown |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    So sorry ,Khloe ! I Think people that have common sense knows not to believe such inaccurate truths. Not that I don’t like the others but you are my fav. And i truly want the happiness you deserve. Things will come when we least expect it!! …… loves

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    Trini |  Posted on Jan 16th, 2013

    Hi Khlo, This is my first time writing on your Blog here. I am from Trinidad and I watch your all your shows. Just want you to know WE LOVE YOU and you are perfect just the way you are! Keep positive and I feel extremely happy sending you this message :)

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