In Love With The Kardashian Kollection Footless Tights!

  • Khloe Kardashian Sports Kardashian Kollection Footless Racer Stripe Tights
  • Khloe Kardashian Sports Kardashian Kollection Footless Racer Stripe Tights
  • Khloe Kardashian Sports Kardashian Kollection Footless Racer Stripe Tights
  • Khloe Kardashian Sports Kardashian Kollection Footless Racer Stripe Tights

Khloe Kardashian Sports Kardashian Kollection Footless Racer Stripe Tights

One of my favorite Kardashian Kollection items is fiiiiinally available for you all to purchase — the oh so fabulous Racing Stripe Tights! They are soooooooo comfortable and I love the fact that you can dress them up and dress them down. As you can see in the pics above, I went for an in between look — my outfit was more casual but I paired them with heels to add a bit of an edge. Speaking of which, I also love the fact that they’re footless! Definitely one of my staple wardrobe items.

The tights are available in the intimates section on Let me know if any of you buy a pair — I love hearing your feedback! xoxoxo

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  1. Australia1996 |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

    khloe u look so hott!

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      kardashiankollection |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

      Khloe i luv u u r so down 2 earth aaand beutiful i am sooo going to enter the kardashian kolors contest it would the world if u picked me

      • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

        Hey Khloe, You look stunning in them.

  2. Kardashian Nation |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

    U look so fab!!! I have 3 pairs of KK leggings! going to Hollywood tomorow wearing my KK warm black tight leggings….what are they called? anyway ill post u pics on ur FB..with my KK reversable leopard top…love the lace!

    • shanice09 |  Posted on Jan 7th, 2012

      I love your tights Khloe!!!Super fab!Your hair looks amazing!!

  3. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

    Your rocking them well! STUNNING!

  4. kardashian_1999 |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012


  5. KhloeKGorgeous |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

    You look so beautiful!! You are amazing!! Love u! xox

  6. farah |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

    ;D nice style

  7. avatar
    tontonisha |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

    I want to be a Kardashian when i grow up:) You guys R.O.C.K!! Love your #1 fan Tontonisha

  8. avatar
    Ryan777 |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

    Hi, Khloe happy Friday those tights look out standing on you I love how the way they look especially on you. I love the way they have the white strips on the sides and how you can dress them up and down they look so comfortable and fashionable at the same time. And also how you wore high heels and dressed something casual to show the tights out more that was a brilliant idea of you to do those heels on you look really gorgeous on you. You guys really know how to design clothes that are gorgeous looking, fun to where and that are a low price. I wish you guys could design your clothing line for men so that way we could get a chance to experience your amazing products to maybe some tie in the future you guys could do that. You sure are fast on posting stores I just finished writing a comment about your make up with rob he did such a amazing job on you you look absolutely beautiful. I loved how the purple eye shadow on you it looks so diving on you. You looked like a purple stuff teddy bear that I just want to hug a million times. And how beautiful you are even without make up the way you have your sexy curve body your gorgeous blue eyes to your stunning red hair. I also was telling you that how you changed your looks so much though out the years from when you had your hair blond when you where a teenager to having your hair brunet a couple of years ago to now having it more red it still has a little of burnet in it but not as dark as it was before. I think this is probably the best look for you it matches your features and looks. I love how you did a little of both colors how you made it red on the bottom and a little of brunet on top that was so creative of you to do that I don’t think anyone has done that before you are the only one who’s had the most hair styles. not only have you changed your looks but you also have changed the way you are years ago you use to be the loud spoken potty mouth and wild one now your more clam down to earth and more of a house wife but still with a liitle of a potty mouth. Lamar is one lucky and happy man to have a wife like you. Your beautiful,kind hearted,loving,smart, beyond funny and a giving woman. I loved that you are supporting WWF of saving animal wild life of donating ten dollars by texting tigers to 20222 I already donated twice and hoped that more animals can be saved. I read that six thousand people texted and that they have six thousand of the donateion that goes to the silence and research foundation so that way they can help more animals. I also read that you are adopting a leopard next week to help with the donation I think that is the most kind harted and giving thing you have done ever I thought that you coulden’t adopt animals like that but I guess you can with this donation I can’t wait to see it when you adopt it it will probably look really adoreible your such a wonderful and loving woman for doing that it doesn’t matter what other hateful people say about you guys It’s what you do to change people and animals lives that counts to me that’s is what a wonderful person is all about and you are the top of them all. I love u all so much your such amazing people and hope you guys continue on what you do for a very long time. Stay safe and positive and I give my blesses and thanks to you, Lamar and your family. Take care doll bless you all very much xoxoxo

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    TeRea |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

    Hello, if I don’t win the nail polish, could I win a pair of tights….lol!! :)

  10. avatar
    dadyamond |  Posted on Jan 6th, 2012

    I think its great youre doing this sweetie and ill be happy for whoever wins! Mwuah! Love ps.hope Leni passed on my messages to you ;) <3

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