I’m the Luckiest Girl in the World!


I can only think of one word to describe my anniversary yesterday…magical! Lamar’s big surprise (well one of many surprises) was the renewal of our vows! How romantic is that?! Everything was planned perfectly and I could not have been more surprised. Malika blindfolded me and brought me to a “secret location”, I literally had NO idea where we were going. 

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When we arrived, the car door opened and Lamar took my hand and led me to the spot where we were married one year ago. He removed the blindfold and I was just speechless — I was beyond in shock. I knew he had a few fun surprises up his sleeve but I never could have anticipated this. I have never been more obsessed with my husband.

Here’s a pic of Lamar leading me blindfolded. I love it! To many more happy anniversaries together :)

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    Gabrielle Chaponick |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010

    Hi Khloe-
    You look so beautiful in this picture I love your dress.I admire you so so so so much.
    Your #1 fan/admirer,
    Gabrielle Chaponick

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    jenny argueta |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010

    that has to be the sweetest thing he could have done for u.. im so happu for the both of u congrads on ur anniversaryu and many more to come.. your awesome and i wish you the best…

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    Bongi |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010

    Hi! Khloe,
    love yr family and your show…. u r a lucky girl indeed….. wishing all the best..

    Luv u Lotsa

    South Africa

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    Lady |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010


    Happy Anniversary!! That sounds so so sweet & cute, I remember on that episode you said that you guys should do it every year, glad you decided to go with it! What a sweet, thoughtful, romantic, surprise….im sure you cried lol!! I cried watching your wedding episode for the 42nd time…big baby!!! Congrats again Mrs Odom!!!

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    ldennis |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010


    Keeping up with the Kardashians is the first reality show I watched, and now I’m hooked on it. I’m over 42 years old and also have a very large family (5 kids, 1 husband and 3 grandchildren). So I can relate to everything that goes on with your family, the good, the bad and the craziness. Tell Kris, I’m also a closet smoker…. ?

    Anyway this is about you and Lamar. Congrats on your 1st year anniversary and I wish you many more. I’m very happy for the two of you. Keep God first, then each other.

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    Rosemary |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010

    Happy anniversary to you and Lamar. Wish u many more years.

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    Janeille from Jamaica! |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010

    aawww you both are so sweet :)
    I love this!..God bless both of you! :)

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    Charli Wilson |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010

    This is the sweetest thing. Your a very lucky woman xxx

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    Janeille |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010

    aawwwww this is just too sweet and cute :). I am so happy for you Khloe! Lamar treats you like the princess you are :). I wish you both again a Happy Anniversary!!! :)…mannyy manny more to come! God bless both of you!… cant wait to see some kids ;)

    Love Janeille form JAMAICA!!

    P.S – you’re my favourite Kardashian!… love you Khloe!

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    Kinga |  Posted on Sep 28th, 2010

    How nice!!!You are very lucky and blessed with such a sweet husband.Keep the romance going Khloe!!!Wishing you all the best, lots of love for you and your family. xxx

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