I’m Only Responsible For…

Khloe - I'm only responsible for what I say not for what you understand

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    pookiepoo |  Posted on Jan 23rd

    Khloe, I must say, I am so proud of you, I’m sure it must be hard going through life right now, but just know, you have people who truly care about you! YOU are the real deal out of the whole family, I never question anything you do. My heart breaks for you.
    I really wish you’d take time out and read your blog and possibly even respond.
    Take care hun, xo

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Jan 23rd

    Good one Khloe!!!

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    SendingLove |  Posted on Jan 24th

    I’m not one to comment on others lives, I believe to each their own… But I had to reach out to you and applaud you. I can personally relate to what you have been going through and for me, even admitting that while writing it here is hard… I can not imagine going through that publicly, especially as high up on the public scale as you are! I think more people than we even care to realize can relate to that helpless struggle of watching a loved one, a loved one we chose to love… and obviously, I only know what is speculated in the media… I really don’t know what’s true, what’s fabricated… but either way, my heart goes out to you and to Lamar. I hope he can overcome this… I imagine it’s harder to hit a bottom with finances being so lucrative… but I hope he can find the help he needs and be a better man than before… I have to tell you I have witnessed a miracle and my story had a happy and positive outcome, something I absolutely never take for granted… Honestly, I am in awe and amazed everyday at the transformation… anyway, I really just wanted to applaud you and your strength and to send some love… and maybe some hope.. miracles happen.. I’ll be awaiting THAT headline!

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    Chef Ebony |  Posted on Jan 25th

    I love me some Khloe! Honestly of me and my 3 sisters, me being the middle child I have such an understanding for birth order especially when you do not look exactly like the baby or the oldest sister. I must say though I don’t agree with this comment. This comment seems deceiving , lying by omission or just saying enough without lying , therefore withholding the whole truth. You are only responsible with what you say yes… But making leading statements but being able to say ” that’s not what I said, that’s just how you took it “,, I think morally is not right either. No relationship of any kind nor friendship ,companionship would ever be successful if this statement were true.

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