I Need To Vent!

I’ve told you all before that I read EVERY single one of your comments, and I try as often as I can to respond.  Recently though my site has been bombarded with cruel and unnecessary remarks about race and I can’t sit back and keep my mouth shut any longer.

I personally am shocked that in this day and age people are still so judgmental and racist — it blows my mind!  I was raised to believe that all people are created and viewed as equals and never judged by something as meaningless as the color of their skin! I guess I am blessed to have parents that didn’t  brainwash me and cloud my thoughts with their petty views. I was raised to judge a person by their spirit and heart. I base my opinions of people by how they treat me and others. Point blank!

How does one person’s color, weight, height, language define who they are? It is sad that people are so mean and so willing to promote their ridiculous views! It’s almost like they think it’s cool to be racist and prejudiced. Leaving comments like that are just wrong!

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I love all my fans, I really do! And I love when you guys defend your opinions but I can only read so much foolishness before I feel I have to say something. I hate erasing comments that you guys post because I want you all to feel like your voices are valid but some comments are so brutally heartless that I have to get rid of them. I feel like I am playing a game that I can never win — if I hung out solely with my own race then I myself would be considered racist and someone would comment on that issue.  If I have friends of all different races, then what? Is that unacceptable too?

I have friends of all different races and ethnicities and I am blessed to be exposed to so many different cultures — I wouldn’t change it for the world. If I want to date a man that treats me great, then I will! I don’t care what color his skin is as long as I am treated and loved the way I want. If I want to be friends with someone who is loyal and lives up to my expectations of a friend, then I will! I don’t care what she looks like. People, we have so many other things in this world to focus on. Get a life! And if you don’t like who my friends are or if you don’t like who I am dating then get off my website! It’s that simple!

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    Princess Mimi |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009

    Hey Khloe… Well said…


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    lauren |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009


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    Karisa |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009

    ok Khloe, this is why I love you.
    because you don’t judge people, you are who you are.
    I look up to both you and Rashad for being a powerful couple and fighting the criticism. People always have been and always will be judgmental idiots, but we need people like you and Rashad to speak for us non-celebs and say GROW UP to the immature idiots out there.
    I’m sorry people are so mean to you about it. I know that you will stay strong.
    Oh and I was hoping that you might answer my question that has to deal with this….
    how DO you deal with all the criticism? people are so insanely jealous of you that they come on YOUR site and criticize you. even though it is LAME, I just want to know how you dont let it get to you and you stay strong??
    I love you and your are my idol!!!

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    xoxjenjenxox |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009

    Omg khloek ily! U are so right i agree with everything you said. This is 1 of the reasons y me and so many other people look up 2 u! i hate when ramdom peopl make negative comments on ur site and Kims. It seriously pisses me off ugghhh!!!!!!!!! btw i luv that pic! xoxo

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    Kiara |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009

    your so right some people are just ignorant but another thing you must remember not everyone has come from where you are from. if you let things like that gett to you then you dont havve thick enough skin for things you really never seen. i dont know you at all and i cant say anythinq bad about you but looks to me like you have had it easy all your life and some people just lash out at others for the fun of it or for there own insecurites. what im saying to you is your not the only one who has experienced hurt and trust me where im from thats all you experiance so dont let things and people like this get to you

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    Tyiana  |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009

    Hey Khloe,
    I truly understand what you mean. I hate racists or people that think they can say anything to you just because your a public figure. I hate racism and racist people, after yesterdays inaugration, I realize that people have come a long way but we still have idiots in the world. Sorry you had to read nonsense, I would be pissed too and upset if someone said something heartless about my boyfriend/friends. Its not right, we all bleed, shit and die..every single one of us and no race is above another one. We are all the same basically, I would block the racist people because they will just come back and spew their hate. Get a life and stop worrying about who Khloe is screwing or who is Khloe’s friends.


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    kryssie |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009

    khole you are correct honey it should not matter what color how you look what you wear as long as that person keep 100 with you not phony that all it matters it doesnt people these dorn days making a big as deal out of nothing maybe their parents didnt raise them in a good environment i dont know the case but…WITH THE HELL WITH THEM.!!!!YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE AND NO ONE CAN CHANGE AND THATS WHY I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SISTERS YOU GUYS ARE MY IDOLS!!!


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    Jessica |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009

    Hi Khloe
    you are so right if it bothers people so much then why come on your site? when i dont like something, i dont tortue myself or go out of my way to make sense of it. i just leave it alone…i think people think they can get under your skin and i can tell they did a bit. however keep doing you girl..dont let them get to you at all

    karisa i feel you too but i dont look up to khloe or rashad and you shouldnt either. you know nothing about them lol. im glad that i have parents who set an example for me so i dont put much emphasis on celeb relationships. it just sounds silly “OH I LOOK UP TO YOU AND RASHAD”…girl what the hell? sad you didnt get to look up to your own parents

    No offense Khloe just had to say it and I totally respect your relationship. i hope you dont flaunt it like kim and reggie.

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    Yania |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009

    Geez! Y r people such haters?! Leave the poor girl alone, worry about urs… dont be jealous because she’s fly, she has money, she has a great family and a FLY ASS man (no disrespect!)…

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    Erika |  Posted on Jan 21st, 2009

    Congrats on taking a stand khloe. You go ahead and live your life….some people are just short sighted and really have nothing better to do than judge others. Unfortunately they should probably be using this time on evaluating their own lives before passing judgement on others. As long as you are happy Khloe it doesn’t matter what others think. You go girl….love the fact that you stand up for what you KNOW is right!

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