I Hosted the Emmys Fashion Police!

Yesterday I hosted the 2009 Emmys Fashion Police with E!’s Giuliana Rancic and Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model. It was AMAZING!!!!!! I live for fashion so it was such an honor that I was given this opportunity.  I seriously couldn’t believe they asked me — I was SO flattered!

I wish I could have gone to the show with my sisters but this definitely made up for it!  We talked about fashion’s best and worst from the red carpet, and everyone there was so stunning that it was hard to pick out any fashion disasters. LOL. I died for January Jones!!! She looked incredible!

My stylist Monica Rose styled me and I wore an Alexander Wang dress and Christian Louboutin booties, which are the ankle-high boots that I love!  So comfy :)

Just wanted to share these pics that Monica took of me.  Who do you think were the fashion bests and worsts of the 2009 Emmy Awards???

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    Ms.C |  Posted on Mar 9th, 2010

    How did you get picked to be in the fashion police?
    No offense but you have from my observation a very limited fashion knowledgee. You just have the general knowledge , good and bad but not the why!! I think your sister kim kardashian would be better.
    Im just looking at thsi from a professional fashion point of vew.
    Your beautiful, wealthy, social and talneted but fashion police is not your place.

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    BJ. Sanchez |  Posted on Mar 13th, 2010

    I saw most of your “fashion police” appearance. Its kind of weird to see a reality TV “star” with no real discernible talent critiquing the likes of Charlize Thereon or Sandra’s Bullock. Also, you need to tone down the sucking up to Joanne Rivers. You don’t have to laugh at everything she says.

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    stella22 |  Posted on Dec 16th, 2010

    wow! look at khloe odem in the black dress- now this is an example of a woman who understands her body and how clothes fall on her and doesnt just go with what every one else wears..
    But who made joan rivers and guilliana rancic fashion police?
    These two women need Real help learning how to dress correctly for their body types and ms rivers looks so awful in all that gold and black clothing that does nothing but makes her looks as bad as a bag lady.
    Guilliana rancic doesnt know or understand fashion but because she wears the lastest trends thinks she’s fashionable- think again!

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