I No Longer Support PETA

  • Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Thrown On Her At Fragrance Event
  • Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Thrown On Her At Fragrance Event
  • Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Thrown On Her At Fragrance Event
  • Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Thrown On Her At Fragrance Event

Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Thrown On Her At Fragrance Event

Hi dolls. I’m sure you all heard what happened to Kim last week (thank you SO much for the love and support you all showed her), and I just received word that the woman responsible has very close ties to PETA, despite PETA publicly stating otherwise. Not only has PETA lied to the public, but they have proved that they support this kind of behavior. I’ve been a vocal supporter of PETA for a long time but I have also been very vocal about anti-bullying, so this was a huge disappointment for me. As you all know, I don’t condone violence and bullying and what happened last Thursday was just that. I am absolutely disgusted by their behavior. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions — I personally don’t wear fur but that doesn’t mean I am going to force my views on anyone else, ESPECIALLY by violating them. I am a very proud sister right now, because Kim handled last week’s incident like a champ. She got cleaned up and was back out there in a matter of minutes. Go Kimmie!

We all need to practice what we preach. I will still continue to NOT wear fur, but I will no longer support PETA. Bullying and harassment is NEVER a solution, and I won’t be a part of any organization that thinks otherwise.

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    classicbeauty |  Posted on Mar 26th, 2012

    Wow. I just lost any respect that I had for you and your entire family. It would have benefitted you to think this through first. Sad.

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    renabunting |  Posted on Mar 26th, 2012

    I never do celeb websites, but there is something about you that holds my interest. You are my favorite and I you handled this just like I thought you would.
    How on earth do you handle the spiteful zombies that attack…I’ve never read a celeb blog but am crushed for you to have complete strangers talking to you like that.
    God is blessig you Khloe…

  3. Rocio Villegas |  Posted on Mar 26th, 2012

    Hmmm why do ppl who dnt like the Kardashians always read up on them or are on their pages, just to bash them? Doesnt make sense…if they dnt like them or care than why are they the first to show???

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    dsol |  Posted on Mar 26th, 2012

    bulliyng and violence are not the answer… NEVER… however wearing fur is also violence and the worst kind because is against innocent animals who dont deserve it… i respect that you wont support PETA anymore but maybe you should talk to your sister who you admire so much, because she’s part of the problem… she is a role model for a lot of people and is just wrong!!! i cant understand how someone can sleep at night knowing how a lot of creatures got tortured for you to have one more coat! shame on kim…
    p.s debbie tittle you are an ignorant!

  5. Rex O'Hara |  Posted on Mar 26th, 2012

    Sorry Khloe. I was appalled after seeing that attack. Peta tweeted a poll today, saying it was hysterical. Shame on them!

  6. Rex O'Hara |  Posted on Mar 26th, 2012
  7. Kulsum Collopen |  Posted on Mar 27th, 2012

    Keep your head high Kimmy! Don’t let haters get you down. You are gorgeous. Khloe, you guys rock! Love you guys.

  8. Tamryn Stevens |  Posted on Mar 27th, 2012

    At the end of the day its not about the people involved, Kim has been asked many times to stop wearing fur and to stop advertising it to others. As someone who is in a position to influence many other members of society and as someone who is in the public eye, she should do the right thing and stop wearing the fur of murdered animals.

    And you Khloe I used to support because of your anti-fur campaigns but the fact that you can simply shun PETA over a cup of flour and something their supporter did suggests that your original PETA campaign was simply for your own exposure and publicity.

    If you and your family had ANY idea what the animals on fur farms go through, from electrocution to literally BEING SKINNED ALIVE, some of the animals are STILL ALIVE once all of their skin is peeled off and they are discarded in the trash and left to die. Please for anyone out there that is more worried about the feelings of one person over these MILLIONS of animals that are tortured beyond any pain you can ever imagine, you really are being selfish.

    Ask yourself, if the animals had a choice in the matter, WOULD THEY CHOOSE TO BE SKINNED ALIVE?? There is no need ever to wear fur, none. There is no excuse that Kim can give that makes it acceptable, all it does is make her just another person who is more concerned with image than making a difference in the world.

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      NiniS |  Posted on Apr 13th, 2012

      Not to worry. Animals are NOT skinned alive. PETA uses doctored video that they know is not honest. I abhor animal abuse as much as you do. But the animal industry does not torture animals and certainly does not skin them alive. I would be the first to raise a stink if that video were true, but it’s been proved not to be: http://bit.ly/IvY5bM.

  9. Australia1996 |  Posted on Mar 27th, 2012

    your fans understand why your leaving peta and we will always support LOVE FROM AUSTRALIA

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