How Cute Are These Two?!

Kourtney Kardashian smiles at son Mason, one year old.
I love this pic of Kourtney and Mason. She is the best mom in the world and every time I see them together I’m honestly just bursting with pride.

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    Olivia P. |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    Masons face is priceless!:) AHAHA love this pic.
    -Olivia P WA state.

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    lauren14xox |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    you have a beautiful family :)

  3. Katrina32 |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    she’s so my Idol. Tell her I was pregnant the same time she was with mason..she gave birth a month earlier than me. I actually just gave birth again to my daughter …so basically i gave birth twice in 1 year. My son is 1 year and my daughter is 1 month. anyways point is I see myself in her a lot the way she acts with mason is the same i am with my son..
    here is a link to a pic of my kids khole if you want to see them
    Maya and Khalil

    • alimah |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

      I viewed the pics, they are GORGE

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    valarie |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    what a wonderful photo of kourtney and mason! he is the most adorable baby! it must be so awesome to have such a big family. I’m an only child and am super bummed that i probably won’t have any neices or nephews…guess i’ll just have to have my own! lol. Anyway love the photo! :)


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    Nardjisse |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    Adorable. Mason is a copy of rob & your Dad!


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    LavitaBELLA |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    Kourtney and Mason are adorable! Well I know you like reading all your blog comments and I hope that you as well as anyone who reads this blog reads this comment. My best friend, Isabella Lisette Grasso passed away about a month ago. She was in a fatal car crash on the way to school. Isabella is a beautiful, smart, funny and outgoing girl. Bells was an aspiring actress at the young age of only 17. Well I’m writing this post because a week before she passed, she landed a role on the popular show Law and Order:SVU. The show airs tonight at 10pm EST. Bella plays a French witness. I know how much it would mean to her if we could get as many people to watch the show as possible. So thank you to whoever is reading this, and thank you Kloe. Stay golden Isabella, I can’t wait to be with you someday pretty girl <3

    • Katrina32 |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

      sorry about your loss :(..I will watch tonight!!

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      Alicia |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

      Sorry about your loss, doll!! will be wathcing tonight! big hugs

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    Alicia |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    omg! he’s so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
    He looks a lot like Rob and your Dad!!!!!!!!
    I bet your kids will be soooo pretty too Khloee! Lamar is so handsome and you’re beautiful

  8. bcorsaut |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    omg this is adorable! he is so precious, :)

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    ilovekardashklan |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    what are you guys all so cool, gorgeous, fabulous and perfect!????!!
    i love you all!! xoxoxo

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      ilovekardashklan |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

      soo sorry meant to say why are you guys….
      my bad!

  10. kirstyloveskhloek |  Posted on Feb 2nd, 2011

    they are so cute. kourtney is a great mom, and someday you will be too khloe :D

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