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Last month Lamar and I took part in a holiday special called Holiday of Stars where we were introduced to a little girl named Isabelle whose best friend Jasmina was battling Leukemia.  Well yesterday Lamar and I received the devastating news that Jasmina, just 6-years-old, had lost her fight against Leukemia.  My heart goes out to her friends, family and everyone that knew and loved her.

Cancer is a vicious and heartbreaking disease, and it seems even more cruel when a child is taken.  While we may all feel helpless, there is something we can do.  A friend of mine told me about a charity called the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON) where students rally together each school year to raise money for the fight against Pediatric cancer. It’s the biggest student run philanthropy in the world, having raised over $61 million in the past 35 years. Each year culminates in a 46-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon involving over 15,000 student volunteers. It’s comforting and truly inspiring to know that because of these students’ devotion, families have received the support they need, both financially and emotionally.

Watch the video below to take a closer look at how the Penn State students are helping these brave children win their fight against cancer, and go to to make a donation.  EVERY PENNY HELPS!!!!!! Please donate what you can!

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    Maud |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010

    Same battle in France, your so generous khloe… Thank you for them

    BYE the french doll.

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    Anissia |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010

    That makes me so sad =(
    Thank u Khloe for being so generous, you’re a sweetheart

    I send u lots of kisses from Switzerland

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    Tina |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010

    My heart goes out to Jasmina’s family!

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    Anna |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010

    All my love goes to Jasmina’s friends and family. I lost my grandmother to cancer and i know 3 kids (all 11 years old, my age) with cancer. All of them already died but they were the nicesed people i haev ever met along with you Khloe. You’re amazing! <3

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    Megan |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010

    As a Penn Stater and THON alum, thanks for highlighting this amazing cause. FOR THE KIDS!

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    Gretchen |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010

    Khloe I’m so glad to see you highlight this cause. I work with college students for a living and Dance Marathon is a philanthropy that has united campuses across the country. It has been going on for years, but to hear someone with your influence support it makes a huge difference. Thanks for the support, and college students across America keep dancing for the cause!

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    Romana |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010

    I am currently a student at Penn State, and I think it’s truly amazing for you to recognize such an event. Every year we go out and can (raise money) for kids with cancer. Every penny counts!!!

    Thank you so much for your support!!

    FTK!!! [For The Kids]

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    jerad |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010

    Khloe – I’m currently a chairperson for this worthwhile cause. And i’m also dancing this year! I watch your show(s) all the time and you are truly inspirational. This just makes me love you even more! If you have a free second you should bring your beautiful family to THON February 19-21st. We would be delighted to have you and i’m sure it would make that one weekend the kids have away from treatment and hospitals that much better! THON ON FTK!

    “when cancer is cured we’ll dance for joy. until then, we dance for life.”

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    Brielle |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010

    THONNNNNNN!!!!! It’s the greatest thing, ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Amanda  |  Posted on Jan 29th, 2010


    This is AWESOME that you are highlighting THON! I go to Penn State and have been a part of it for 3 years!!! You are amazing!! Love you!!

    THON ON! FOR THE KIDS!! <3 <3 <3

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