Having So Much Fun With Keek!

Jan 5, 2013 | Waiting for slow as shit Malika by KhloeKardashian on Keek.com

I’ve been on Keek for almost two months now and I’m absolutely loving it. I have so much fun just recording cute little videos with whoever I’m with or just by myself when I’m bored LOL. Check out my most recent Keek vid above and then a few of my favorites below and then subscribe to my channel to stay up to speed on what I’m doing :)

Dec 15, 2012 | Kourt is getting her groove on by KhloeKardashian on Keek.com

Dec 16, 2012 | by KhloeKardashian on Keek.com

Jan 5, 2013 | Can kris be any more drunk? by KhloeKardashian on Keek.com

Dec 1, 2012 | Keek moment by KhloeKardashian on Keek.com

Nov 23, 2012 | Happy thanksgiving! by KhloeKardashian on Keek.com

Dec 18, 2012 | Dozing of to dream land by KhloeKardashian on Keek.com

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Jan 8th, 2013

    Too funny. Love just seeing you guys be a normal happy family.

  3. June James |  Posted on Jan 8th, 2013

    Ladies be proud of your mother, she worked hard to make your lives wonderful!

  4. DashAlways |  Posted on Jan 9th, 2013

    Hey Khloe! Hahaha, I love your keeks! They are always so funny, especially when you’re with Kourt, the YOLO Dance is becoming a new craze!LOL Please keep doing them, they’re hilarious, love you!<3

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