Happy 23rd Birthday Rob!!

Today is my baby brother’s 23rd birthday! Wow I really can’t believe you are 23!!! Hahahaha I feel like you should be so much older but anyways happy birthday. I love you Rob! You are an amazing brother. Such a great person! Your heart and soul shine though your smile! I love you! And I love having you be a part of everything I do! You have been there for me through so much and you deserve the world! Happy birthday boy.  My present to you is I’ll let you and Lamar play video games tonight.
Hahahaha :)

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    elba |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010

    that’ll be a perfect birthday present to him…jajaja
    don’t miss it Rob!! enjoy!!

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    Mikala |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010

    That is so sweet

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    Rebekah |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010

    Thats so sweet I swear my and my younger brother have the same relationship you guys do.

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    Siwy |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010

    OMG.. So sweet:D, Yeee Sure We Love u So Much……………..But I love Erica Durance:) I Can t slepp:( SEE u

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    Junior Olivo |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010

    LOl Khole is the best!!!! isnt she funny… i literally watch kourtney and khole take miami with my 7 year old brother and he is in love with that show he is starting to mimic all the things u girls say thats funny!!!
    HAPPy BDay ROB!!!

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    Busi |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010

    awwww how sweet Khloe. :-)

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    Sarah J |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010

    cute picz…. happy b-day Rob!!

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    Rose |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010


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    Carolina Aravena |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010

    I wish Rob was my boyfriend, he’s so nice and hot :D
    Happy B-Day!

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    Vanessa |  Posted on Mar 17th, 2010

    Wow! 23? He’s only a year older than me. Hahaha. I would love to meat him in person so that I can know how he really is. From the looks of it on the show he is a great person.

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