Good Luck to Everyone At THON!

Happy THON weekend my loves!!!!! I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all luck as you begin one of the most incredible yet challenging weekend of your lives as you dance for a cure against pediatric cancer. 46 hours without sitting or sleeping?! I’m not sure I could do it! I am so inspired by your hard work and devotion to the Four Diamonds kids and their families. What you do for them is truly incredible, and because of people like you, I know we will find a cure someday. Thank you for everything you do!

For those of you who don’t know about THON, watch these videos to learn more about this amazing cause! Head over to to learn more and to donate. xoxoxo

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  1. Tracey Succes |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2013

    Thanks for the THON shout out Khole WE really appreciate it!!!

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    sdlohse |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2013


    My child is a Four Diamond’s child and I want to thank you for posting this post about THON on your website! The PSU students who dance for a cure FTK are WONDERFUL and selfless! My Shaun was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 4 and he has now been in remission for 2 years. THON has become a huge part of our lives and our journey. Again these students don’t just give of themselves for 46 hours, it is a year long fundraising event and I LOVE that you are giving exposure to the largest student run philanthropy in the nation! I know that I will never be able to speak with you, but I am in the process of planning an event that will kick off next years, (and years to come), fundraising! I want to do this for the kids who dance FTK! They are awesome and helping to find a cure for childhood cancer! I love what they do FTK, for my kid. Thank you again for helping to spread the word! THON!!! FTK!!!

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Feb 15th, 2013

    Nice shout out Khloe. I wish them all the best of luck.

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