Get Ready for an All New Season of ‘Keeping Up’!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 7 Promo Image
Hi dolls! The brand new Keeping Up with the Kardashians promo image and video were just released and they got me SO excited for the new season! Can you believe it’s Season 7 already?! Man how time flies! LOL. I love how simple and cute the video is — but don’t worry dolls, more promos giving you a sneak peek at all the fun and all the drama are coming soon :). For now, check out the video below…

Get ready for an all new season coming this May! xoxoxo

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  1. Emily Sabol |  Posted on Apr 6th, 2012

    HI khloe i can’t wan’t for this season im huge fan of thekardashians

  2. Rebecca Williams |  Posted on Apr 6th, 2012

    Khloe,I am such a fan of are urself/and project that to others..No fakeness w/u..Although you are slightly younger than myself/I really admire ur strong personality and attitude. I feel as if I really know u/so when people diss on u , I get offended with the crap people say about you,well..Like the silly picketers at ur local Dash store over fur..DUHH..U did an awesome photo shoot Not supporting wearing fur..Where do these ding bats come from?Love wathing u and u give me good ideal about how to keep my marraige interesting..thanks for everything..Hope u all are enjoying Dallas..Waiting for the new show to come on…xoxo…

  3. Kimberly Lange |  Posted on Apr 6th, 2012

    Hey Guys and Dolls,
    Loved the Promo Pic. Can’t wait for the show to started up again.

  4. avatar
    Diegobr |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2012

    AA we need sneak peeks as soon as possible! Love you Khloé, you are the BEST!

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    territ |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2012

    Khloe i love you guys i follow you all on twitter and I’m sorry to ask but why does this picture looked put looks like you all were some where else and they put you all together in this pic..

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    jojobean |  Posted on Apr 7th, 2012

    Hey I was just watching some Khloe&Lamar and as totally sad as this sounds I just felt compelled to drop a comment on here just to say how fantastic I think Khloe is. It is so refreshing to see her being such a grounded and caring person. I think her beauty radiates from the inside out and she is a stunnah. Also, despite the fact that I know I am technically nothing like her, I do feel like she is such a relate-able person with her warmth and kindness and regular girl issues. It’s just a breath of fresh air and her relationship with Lamar is so true and beautiful. Anyway, so excited to see the Kardashian Clan are coming back for a new season. The women in that family are so strong and ambitious and powerful they really are all phenomenal role models for women and girls. From an Irish fan, screw the haters you guys rock.

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    snuggle1 |  Posted on Apr 8th, 2012

    can’t wait for the new season but where is Mason …

  8. ♥Denise♥ |  Posted on Apr 8th, 2012

    OH im ready for season 7

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    mnnm |  Posted on Apr 9th, 2012

    hi klo!
    the little man is missing, where is he?
    xo xo

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    yamilet22 |  Posted on Apr 9th, 2012

    I cannt wait to see this

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