Get Excited, Dolls!!!! Brand New KUWTK Tonight!

Don’t forget to tune in TONIGHT at 9/8c on E!

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    Barbbec |  Posted on Feb 9th

    Hello Khloe. . .my name is Barbara Becnel and I am developing a major theatrical production involving Stanley Tookie Williams, Crips co-founder and Nobel Peace Prize nominee who was executed in the San Quentin Death Chamber on December 13, 2005. I co-produced an award-winning Cable TV movie about his story–”Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story”–that aired on FX TV in 2004 and has gone on to be aired on television stations throughout the world. (See the link below to learn more about the “Redemption” movie.) Jamie Foxx played Stanley Tookie Williams in this movie; Lynn Whitfield played my character because I worked with Mr. Williams for 13 years and co-authored with him a number of anti-gang children’s books that were honored by various institutions.

    For more information about me, click on the following link:

    My new theatrical project picks up where the “Redemption” movie leaves off in the telling of Mr. Williams’ exceptional life story.

    I need your help: I am trying to get to Kanye to invite him to participate in my new project. Please help me and get back with me. Thank you.

    Khloe, I admire your strength, given what you have had to cope with of late.

  2. Kiwi_Gal |  Posted on Feb 9th

    Oh my goodness I’m super excited to watch this episode… I think I might just get a little teary eyed!

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    kimymiley |  Posted on Feb 9th

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Feb 9th

    So excited for tonight’s episode!!! OMG, I can’t wait until 9:00pm!!!

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    ahendricks |  Posted on Feb 12th

    Hey ladies,

    I love watching your show, it is inspiring, entertaining, and heartfelt. I love all of the women in the show and truly believe that a lot of women and young girls look up to the Kardashian women. I noticed in part 1 of the two part series that there was a lot of derogatory language towards women coming from Klhoe in particular. She said bitch, whore, hooker, and slut all in that one episode and it was shocking. I think that as strong and empowering woman that you carry such a strong influence in society. Women have been oppressed for so many years and that language just continues the cycle of oppression. When people see that language coming from such an influential public figure it makes a statement. In this case the message was that it’s okay to call your own sisters those names as well as other women. I only want to bring awareness to this and nothing more. I respect all of you and truly hope you take this message to heart. Keep on shining xoxo

    Yours Truly,

    Andrea Hendricks

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