Enter to Win Some FAB Pieces from our bebe Collection!!!!

Hi dolls. As per your request on Twitter, I’m doing a bebe giveaway right here on my site!!! I’m giving away multiple pieces from our first collection AND our newest collection — all never-before-worn pieces. My closet is already full of items from the collection, I’m seriously obsessed with EVERYTHING! It’s so cool being able to wear something that I designed with my sisters — just makes it that much more special.

Anyway, in order to enter, tell me in a comment who your style icon is and why. Can’t wait to hear who you guys pick!!! The contest ends next Tuesday, May 4, at 5pm PT.

Click through the gallery to see some of the pieces you could potentially win and go to www.bebe.com to see the entire collection.  Good luck everyone! Love you all!!!! xoxoxo

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    Chelsea |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010

    THANKS KHLOE. I love you and your clothes

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    Shannon Dunford |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010

    Hii i love your show and i think you are so funny. tweet me :)

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    Alyce  |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010

    My style Icon is honestly Kim. She always looks amazing, beautiful and confident. She has the kind of style that everybody want to embody.I am always on her site or monicas trying to get ideas. I would love to win some of these amazing pieces and be able to feel a little more sexy :)

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    Brianna Olsen |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010

    I pick you and your sisters are my style icons…can I have more than one? You guys are so into fashion and it shows. You never look bad or pick outfits that aren’t flattering to you. I really admire you guys because yall are not stick thin and it makes it easier for others to mimick your style because not every girl is stick thin and underweight. You girls definately are my style icons!!! Keep it up Kardashians!! =)

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    katie  |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010

    My style icon is my sister. She doesn’t blend in with society and with whats “in”. She wears what she wants and looks good doing it. I think it’s important to stand out and be yourself.

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    stephanie Shankle |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010


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    Ana |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010

    My style icon is Audrey Hepburn, simply because she was beautiful in anything…

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    Erick Merlano |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010

    im not into style personally but my wife is a huge fan of all Kardashians….. shes helped me discover my own style in clothing and i would love to be able to win an article of clothing for her just for being an awesome wife

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    Brittany Harris |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010

    My style icon is Rihanna because she is funky, fresh, trendy and not afraid to be different. She always has on something that enhances her personality and I think that makes her even more beautiful!!!

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    Paddy Stanton |  Posted on Apr 27th, 2010

    My Wife! Because she is beautiful and makes me HAPPY!

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