Enter to Win this Fab Misaki Necklace!

  • Misaki Conquest necklace
  • Khloe Kardashian wears a Misaki Conquest necklace.
  • Khloe Kardashian wears a Misaki Conquest necklace.
  • Khloe Kardashian wears a Misaki Conquest necklace.

Khloe Kardashian wears a Misaki Conquest necklace.

Didn’t I promise you that another giveaway was coming soon?! LOL. This time, I’m giving away a fabulous Misaki Conquest necklace that I happen to own and love! I wore it to the City of Hope event this past weekend, as you can see in the pics above. It’s a great necklace to dress up for special occasions or dress down for everyday wear.

In order to enter, tell me in a comment what you’re most looking forward to this Summer! I know it’s random, but I’m just soooo excited for summer to start and I wanted you all to share in the excitement with me LOL.

You have until Tuesday, May 17, at 3pm PT to enter. Good luck dolls!!!!!

P.S. Head over to www.Misaki.com for a closer look at the collection.

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  1. lenaluci |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    Hi Khloe, here is Elaine from Holland.. :D I just loveee this necklace. What I am looking forward to this summer is just spending it with my brother, his girlfriend and their daughter ( and my BEAUTIFUL niece) Kaya. My niece is almost 3 months old and the cutest little thing. I am just obsessed with her.. :D My brothers girlfriend is from Thailand and the last 3 years my brother lived with her in Thailand. In these 3 years I only saw him 2 times and I missed him a lot. They moves back to Holland 3 weeks ago, so my summer is all about going swimming with the three of them, enjoying the heat and the icecream and being the best auntie in the world and just spending time with the little family. Because to me family is everything and now they’re finally home Iknow I’ll have the best summer ever.

  2. Sfranklin |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    Hi Khloé,
    Summer 2011 I am looking forward to A LOT!
    I am looking forward to spending time with my friends and my 3 older sisters. We plan on traveling all over even out of the country. Going to L.A, Atlanta, Orlando, NYC, Paris, New Mexico, Puerto Rico and more! I’m so EXCITED. I also plan on studying as well to get ready for my next year in High school. But, I am REALLY looking forward to some WARM weather because My CITY is so bi-polar it’s crazy one day it will be 89 degrees and then next their will be thunderstorms .. CRAZY RIGHT?! I am so ready to wear cute shorts, rompers, dresses and sandals. I also can’t wait to be able to go Shopping almost EVERYDAY! I love shopping and getting new clothes and shoes. I hope I can win this because I commented to win the SillyBandz but, I didn’t win. But, I will win at something! I am also ready to spend some quality time with my little baby cousin who turns 1 this Summer, I’m so excited! <3 <3

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    chickky311 |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    I am sooooo looking forward to this summer! I am taking my fiance on a surprise trip to NYC in July for his 40th birthday…..I’m so excited about it!

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    LaBellaVita |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    HI Khloe!
    I am most looking forward to flying over to Europe to see my fiance. He lives in Europe and I am in Toronto. This time we are going to Rome for a few days to enjoy ourselves :)
    <3 <3

  5. avatar
    biggie |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    why wont you say nothing about your loser husband. so wrong he just like you disrepectfull.

    • avatar
      lorijacobs89 |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

      WTF? You have to be joking!? You took the time and energy to register for a site that promotes a person and is completely devoted to that 1 celeb, yet you have something ignorant and rude to say. Ignorant, defined as lack of knowledge…like not using the correct punctuation and sounding like a complete tool. Way to go, loser! One more fan has registered for Khloe’s website…thanks for helping to make her more famous and obviously more enviable by all.

  6. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    Let’s keep it plain & simple LOL.

    KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIAN’S SEASON 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. avatar
    nikkig597 |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    I am looking forward to traveling to Israel to visit my family during the summer and to work hard and spend time with my husband. The best part is we’re going to see the Rihanna, Cee Lo Green, and JCole concert in July so we can’t wait!

  8. Kardashian Nation |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    Hi Doll! The main thing Im looking 4ward to is Completing my 1st Marathon! its a 10k (which is 6 miles) on July 16th. Also its Summer Solstice Parade here in my hometown Beautiful Santa Barbara! June 25 & 26th…its soooo much fun! you should look it up online and come to vacay again here that wknd, u will LOVE IT! ….I nominate (lol) “DesiDoll” to win this necklace because she deserves a GOOD LUCK charm for her bar exam to be a Lawyer!!! i would love a gift from you, but If I was gonna be a Lawyer in the summer, thats the best feeling & summer everrr! :) have a great day! LOVE U FOREVERRR! XO

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    slburnside |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    Hi Khloe! What I most look forward to during summer is the warm weather and lots and lots of ball games. My daughter, who is 10 years old, plays for a travel softball team and I get to take in lots of games, along with hanging out with my family and lots of friends. We also love to take in a drive in movie, with our favorite snacks on a nice summer evening. My daughter and I love watching ALL the shows with regard to your family and now with you and Lamar! You two are too cute together!!! My daughter has picked you as her favorite Kardashian! I would love to win the necklace. Please pick me!!

  10. MercedesBubbles |  Posted on May 11th, 2011

    Hi Khloe!!
    I recently moved to Vienna from Nigeria with my mother and brother but my sister didn’t come. So I miss my family soo soo much. Luckily, this summer we are having a family reunion, Ive been so used to seeing my family whenever I wanted to but now that I can’t I’m so excited we decided to do a reunion for the first time ever. Its gonna be in late July until August! I can’t wait to see my grandparents! Im sooo excited you have no idea!! I’m also gonna get to see my friends in NY so I’m excited for that too :D
    Mercedes xo

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