Don’t Miss Tonight’s Episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

Don’t forget to tune in to E! at 10:00pm tonight for the newest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians!

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    Eduardo Monteiro |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    i wish u could watch…
    im your #1 brazilian fan !!
    i love u Khloe.

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    Eduardo Moneiro |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    Khloe do u know when the 3rd season will be released in Brazil ??
    I´ve been waitin´ for months , and i can´t anymore.
    You´re very beautiful , and the funniest Kardashian.

    Love you so much .

    Kisses ,Eduardo.

    p.s : sorry for the poor english.

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    tanisha venelle |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    will be tuning in

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    Posh Kardashian |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    I really hope you not going to be rude and a bitch to your mom again. Khole I really like you alot but I lost a lot of respect for you when i saw how you treated your mom on the season premiere. disrespectful, cursing and hanging up in her face. What at that very moment while ur being a bitch to her something happens to her..Honor your Mother! Your mother seems so cool and classy..I like Kris

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    Columbus, GA |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    ***I cant believe you talk to your mom like that. I’d be six feet under if I did my mama like that….maybe its cause I’m in the south,i dunno. Chill out on that cause it makes you look immature as hell.***

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    nicole |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    heyy khole
    i wouldn’t miss this episode for the world i dont think u should talk to u mom like that she is only there to help, i no u guys are a very close family and thats what i love most about you guys, i have 4 brothers and sisters 2 sets of twins and a little adopted brother i no that we fight but we all get closer everyday. okay thanks for giving me the time to tell you this
    love ya lots nicole 15yrs

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    nicole |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    so please comment back thanks

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    Vee |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    I wouldnt miss it for the world!!!! I love u guys, I must say I am a huge Kim fan but i got love for u too Khlo. Do me a favor, be nicer to ur mother she is a sweet mom and only means well. U are soooo blessed to have her. Some ppl dont have the luxury of having a mother at all let alone one as sweet and caring as urs. Take care Khloe.



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    Jennifer |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    You and Kourtney are SOOOOOOO disrespectful to your mom!!! You should be ashame of yourselves!

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    Wednesday |  Posted on Mar 15th, 2009

    Hey Dash Doll!

    I just finished watching tonight’s show. You were such a great mediator. I’m so proud of you. I’m also so glad Rob apologized to Adrienne. I love her. She’s so sweet.

    Loves ya,


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