Don’t Miss My Live Twitterview on Monday!

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom launch unisex fragrance titled "Unbreakable".

Hi dolls! In celebration of the launch of Lamar’s and my fragrance, Unbreakable, I’ll be doing a live Twitterview with Celebuzz on Monday where YOU get to ask the questions! For those of you who are unfamiliar, a Twitterview is an interview hosted on Twitter. It’s probably pretty obvious, just wanted to make it crystal clear LOL.

In order to submit your questions…

  1. Follow @CELEBUZZ on Twitter
  2. Tweet your question to @CELEBUZZ with the hashtag #KhloeTwitterview
  3. Celebuzz will collect your questions and have them ready for the Twitterview
  4. Start submitting NOW!

The Twitterview will take place Monday afternoon at 4pm PT, 7pm ET, so follow me, @KhloeKardashian and @CELEBUZZ to catch the entire thing. Also, feel free to chime in during, I’ll be responding to you dolls as well!

P.S. I can’t believe our fragrance is launching in less than two days! I’m freaking out LOL. I’ve never done anything like this without my sisters so I’m kind of nervous! Who’s coming out on Saturday to see me and Lamar?? We’ll be at the Florida Mall in Orlando at the Perfumania for a meet and greet. It starts at 7pm. I need you guys there to make me less nervous LOL. Ahhh I have butterflies!!!!!!

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Comments (23)

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    Nardjisse |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    Khloe, you are so amazing. You care so much about your fans! it really means a lot that you take the time to answer our questions, and respond to our comments. It really does, even if it’s the smallest reply, you make us so happy!

    I hope you and Lamar have a wonderful time in Florida! It was 84 degrees there the other day!! Congratulations on your fragrance, I’m sure it smells lovely. Can’t wait to buy it!


  2. avatar
    Lisa doll |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    Hey Puppy,

    I love these pics of you & your Lam Lam! Can’t wait I will be in Orlando on the 22nd visiting from Australia (so bummed I miss meeting you both) I will definately buy it tho.
    Thanks for your reply yesterday on twitter – means alot to me.
    Don’t listen to all the bitchy haters, you have us puppies that love you & support you doll.

    Love you doll
    Lise Xxx

  3. Isabella Esposito |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    Yayyy! i will be there on Saturday cant wait to meet you!! im such a big fan!!

  4. Melissa Coakley |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    I Always Get A Tweet Back From Lamar Now Here Is My Chance To Hear From You.P.S I Tweet U Everyday…Can’t Wait To Hear From You Doll:-)

  5. avatar
    Alicia |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    OMG I’m so excited about this!!!!!!!!! Goooo Khloe and LAmar!!!!!!!!

  6. avatar
    AliRW |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    Hey Khloe, I just wanted to tell you that I think you are absolutely stunning, and your body is perfect. I hate what the media always says about you because they are COMPLETELY wrong! You have a great body! You have beautiful long legs, and you are perfectly proportionate. I think everyone tends to compare you to your sisters that are shorter than you and thus would obviously have a different weight. They never look at weight to height ratios, they only look at weight to weight when comparing tou and your sisters. You are so funny, gorgeous, talented, and a genuinely good person. Don’t let anyone’s opinions of you sway you. We love you just the way you are :)

  7. Tress |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    So happy for you and Lamar! Just lean on him and be confident. You are loved and your fans support you.

  8. Buddiesgal |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    Love you so much Khloe…you are so funny and loving. Best of luck to you and Lamar…I can’t wait to watch your new show!
    BTW, is your fragrance going to be available at any stores in Canada?

  9. Desi ♥ Doll |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    Khloe, I love you! My birthday is Saturday, February 12! My friend got me Kardashian Konfidential, but I already have it! Now I need to tell her what other book I want. Maybe a Rachael Ray cook book? I know you and Lamar ♥ Rachael Ray!

  10. avatar
    angelgonzalez |  Posted on Feb 10th, 2011

    Khloe,u r my absolute, Fav. I look up to. I think ur trully Amazing. I look forward to watchng the show’s,I would luve to knw wht is ur secret? Bout how to loose weight and findng a real good Man. I lot hope, and everything I’ve been thu. I see the kardashians show and ill go to and see all the fab clothes I would luve to wear sumday hopefully soon. Its hard for a big gurl to loose weight lol. So plz let us knw sum secrets. U r so funny,witty,a grt person def can see u have an amazing heart. Cnt wait to get ur purfume. How and where will u be sellng ur fragrance?and So Happy 4 u and Lamar. I would luve tht happyness oneday. Lookng forward to seeing ur new show.

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