Don’t Miss Khloé & Lamar Tonight!

Kris Jenner criticizes Khloe about her weight in an episode of Khloe & Lamar.
Hi dolls! I know it’s Easter (Happy Easter by the way!!!!), but I just wanted to remind you all that tonight is a new episode of Khloé & Lamar. Shit hits the fan in this episode when my mom comes down on me about my weight and the way I was representing QuickTrim. I was not only furious with her after the things she said, but really hurt as well. I’m lucky to have a mother who has always been very supportive of me, but in that moment I felt that she was completely out of line and not looking out for MY best interest. You’ll have to tune in tonight at 10/9c on E! to see how it all plays out. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! LOL.

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    Emilyy |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    omg im so excited! khloe ad lamar – your show premiers in england tonight!!!!!! ive seen all your posts about it on this website but i cant watch them cas its blocked for england:’( oh well from tonight and can watch them in full :D reading this description i do feel so sorry for you. your not fat and for your mum to say so she is out of order. people can relate to you more than kourt & kim which is why your loved the most and a GREAT ambassodor for QuickTrim Favourite dash girl ever- ignore all the haters<3 xxx

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      KkDolls |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

      First time on herre blogging…this episode upset me bc u were sad so I had to comment nd let u know ur so gorgeous…i was crying when u were crying khloe…u are so beautiful dont listen to anyone.xoxo

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        myrnape |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

        This episode remind of me, i had been struggling with weight issues and had overcome a 120 pounds off and still going for more…People are always gonna judge don’t worried about what they gotta say .As longest your are confident and happy the way you look it all that matters.You gotta learn how to feel secure and confident. trust me being flat , squinny sometimes thats not make us look beautiful and hot is who we are and our personalities are , so ignore the ignorants…I know being part of the media got to do a lot with it…It takes a lot of courage!!!!!!!!!. You look great so as longest you are happy the way u look dont impressed no one else..!!!!!!!take care

        • ba.hoops25 |  Posted on Apr 25th, 2011

          myrnape thats sweet!

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    LexyX4 |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    Hey Khole.Happy Easter to you to doll.
    Your not FAT get that out of your head. I see haveing Kim proubly a Size 2 and Kourteny as a sister your mostliky said to be the biger But thats not True you all have different bodys. Your tall so if you had kims body you would look like a STICK do to Kourt. Anyway your PHAT WHICH STAND FOR (PRETTY,HOT,AND,TALL)It allso stand for somthing else but idk wat is @ the moment. But Khole your my idol n dont let any one tell you your fat tell them your you and im A size wat ever n im working it.
    PS i wanna be just like You when i get older (right not im 12)just with out the crazy mom Love ya KRIS.

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      heather7cool |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

      you are so right LexyX4

  3. raparyga |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    Khlóe, i think you got to get over the weight complex/fear. i think it’s just that. i used to weight more, and one day i said, i’m not going to allow anyone to talk about my weight anymore! cause i wanted,of course. and i loose the weight i wanted. of course people talk about skinny people too,but at least i know i look like how i wanted and i don’t have weight that i consider it’s result of adding something. i don’t know your case, but it seems that you hold back because of your family talk that you feel that like an agression,imposition and insult.i agree with you,maybe the way they talk it’s agressive,but at some point you have to stop thinking about the meaning of their words,put that aside and think what do you really want for you, are you ok with or not?. i know you are not shallow,so it’s not the fact that you loose weight that’s gonna make you shallow. kiss.

    • raparyga |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

      *i lost,i meant.

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    johani |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    khole i deff dont think you are fat at all you are gourgeous and skinny and lamar is so lucky to have a women like you love you khole your my fave :) <3

  5. Tress |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    Khloe you are not fat! Yes, we all may want to lose weight to be healthier from time to time. There;s nothing wrong with that, but you are not fat. There are so many girls that look up to you and would love to have your body. You are to hard onj yourself. Exercise and eat healthy, but don’t be consumed. Don’t let the media put pressure on you. god create you the way you are. You are you. You have a husband that loves you for being you. Love yourself and others… and get ready for Luke Joseph and London. I’m with Lamar, I’m not feeling Lola!LOL

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      Whitevinnie |  Posted on Apr 25th, 2011

      well said!!!

  6. Daniel Kardashian |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    Aww! Don’t feel that way! You are NOT fat, your BEAUTIFUL! I love you! XO

    Can’t wait for the episode!

  7. karinaduh |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    can’t wait for tonight!!!


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    ArtGamboa |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    Khloe your beautiful just the way you are, No one ever said you have to be skinny to be gorgeous (:

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    heather7cool |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    khloe happy easter to you. you are not fat at all any ways everybody comes in different shapes and sizes nobody is perfect also you are awsome in every way P.S. can’t wait for the episode :)

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    lisab98 |  Posted on Apr 24th, 2011

    only avaible in the US – so annoying!

    • holly :) |  Posted on Apr 25th, 2011

      I look up to you as my idol and i definatly do not think you are fat… you have a perfect body those people telling you that you are fat or saying nasty things need to do one!! they probably want your body… thats why they slate you so much! i would kill to have your body :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • holly :) |  Posted on Apr 25th, 2011

      type in fast pass TV in search and all the show that are on E! that aired ages ago but only just starting on UK TV are on there! :D hope it helps x

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