Creating Social Change with U by Kotex Generation Know

Khloe Kardashian Joins U by Kotex Generation Know Campaign
Real talk, ladies: What have you done lately to resolve the issues that girls face every day in your community? If you are looking for a way to get involved, look no further- Get with Generation Know today to help Girls For A Change and U by Kotex change the message about girls health!

I’ve been involved with U by Kotex and Girls For A Change for the past three years to help empower girls to advance their knowledge of their personal health and wellness. Now, as part of Generation Know—the first generation of girls committed to learning more about their health and bodies, we’re working together again to provide girls everywhere with the tools that they need to crush the taboos that society has created about girls’ health. Sadly, 63% of girls say that they don’t know how to start a conversation about their health, so what are you going to do to help us change this statistic?

You can start by joining the thousands of girls, like me, who have already logged onto to become part of the movement. For every activity performed, U by Kotex will donate $1 to Girls For A Change, up to $500,000. So if you want to help create social change, it’s simple; get in the know today :)

Join the conversation, #iknow

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Mar 28th, 2013

    Khloe, you are such an inspiration not only to the ladies but also he males. Keep up the amazing work with this great cause.

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