Come to My Toy Drive in Dallas!

  • Khloe Kardashian Children's Hospital Los Angeles
  • Khloe Kardashian Children's Hospital Los Angeles
  • Khloe Kardashian Children's Hospital Los Angeles
  • Khloe Kardashian Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Khloe Kardashian Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Hey dolls! I just wanted to start this post off by saying how warm of a welcome Lamar and I have received since arriving in Dallas. Everyone is just so nice and we already feel at home. So in the spirit of kindness and giving, I’ve decided to host a toy drive for the Children’s Hospital of Dallas so that we can bring smiles to all of the amazing children spending their holiday there. As you may know, I already do a lot of work with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and now that I live here, I want to start doing work with this hospital :).The toy drive will take place at City Hall Plaza this Wednesday, December 21, from 12pm – 2pm and ALL are welcome. I will sign autographs, take photos, whatever you dolls want, as long as you have an unwrapped (still in the packaging though) toy for children of all ages (especially stuff for teens) to donate! For health purposes, we will not be accepting stuffed animals, or anything unpackaged for that matter, with the exception of books. In my past experience with this, I’ve found that fun card games and things the children can play with in bed always make the best presents. Here are a few examples of fun things to bring: Monopoly Deal, Scrabble Slam Cards, SORRY! Revenge Card Game, Yahtzee Hands Down Card Game, etc. Target or Walmart are both great places to find games like these!

Here’s the address of the Toy Drive:
1500 Marilla St.
Dallas TX, 75201

I can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday and feel free to leave questions below and I can answer. Love you all!!!! xoxoxo

P.S. Here are some pics from one of my last visits to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles — will be posting pics from my visit to the Dallas Children’s Hospital soon!

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Comments (83)

  1. Kardashian Nation |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    awww u are so amazing! your so giving and loving Khlo! Your gonna make alot of fans and kids happy in those 2 hours! how cool is that?! very cool! lol! and Your a great wife! I seen the pics of Lamar’s first pre-season game!! Cheering ur hubby on! #ThatsWhatsUp …Thx for sharing XO

    • ♥ Mara G. ♥ |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

      Omg!!!! This is so sweet of you Khloe! I just saw this in Kendall’s sweet 16 show it bring tears to my eyes you have such a great heart!! I love you with all my heart!! Khloe, if you read my comment please pray for me, my uncle is dying of cancer & they gave him to Christmas to live!!! :’(

      • MonicaT |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

        khloe i can’t wait to meet you on wednesday!! ! i’m gonna ask the day off just in case it gets crazy .. i wanna make sure i get a picture with you :) we are you going to give you the greatest welcome to dallas!!!! XOXOXOXO i’m getting an anxiety attack just thinking aobut it lol

        • Kardashian Nation |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

          Mara G. I said a prayer for your uncle <3 :(

          Monica T..Im not sure what the population there is but over here in Cali…when they have signings …..theres hundreds and sometime thousands of fans.especially when they post it everywhere ahead of time…so get there early! Take the day off and get in line …lol :)

    • @Kardash_Ireland |  Posted on Dec 20th, 2011

      Hi Khloe.

      That is one of the reasons you are so amazing. you are always giving back.
      I would have loved to help out and meet you but of course I am over here in ireland :(

      I school we are doing something just like that for SVP, but we have to bring in food.

      Love you Khloe <3

  2. Kristina Smith |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    love that you are practically new to the community and are making a great start! Welcome to Dallas!

  3. Karen Lukin |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    Welcome, Khloe, and thanks for helping an amazing charity. If we can make arrangements, Whole Foods Market would be happy to donate 600 fresh sugar cookies for the kids in the hospital. You can contact me at

  4. Dakotah Hale |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    Khloe, Just wanted to give you a warm welcome to Dallas! I have lived here for the past 5 years now and I was actually born here. You seem like you are so down to earth and you are absolutely hilarious. I have been a fan of you for years and I am so glad you and Lam-Lam have decided to become part of the Dallas Community. Best of luck and Christmas Wishes to you and your family! Hope to see you at a charity event around town. Keep up the good work and God Bless you! :)

  5. avatar
    Jenny also |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    I LOVE how you are embracing your new town! And way to live your priorities while still enjoying a great carer. Wishing you and Lamar a long and happy life together.

  6. Taylor Green |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    Welcome to Dallas, Khloe! I know I am so excited to have you and Lamar here, and I can’t wait to come out and meet you on Wednesday!! <3

  7. Tress Brown |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    Awwww, Khloe, such a nice gsture.

  8. avatar
    Myrna23 |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    Hi Khloe I own a hair bow, TuTu boutique and if its possible I can donate anything from bows, tutus, jewelry and more items my email is

  9. Sofi Granados Colomé |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    Hi welcome! I’m here visiting and i would love to meet you! I live in El salvador and i love your show! I wish i could go but its too early nobody can drive me! Is there any other way that i could meet you? And help the kids of course

  10. Scott Dresmal |  Posted on Dec 19th, 2011

    I am so impressed that you are so willing to give your time with everything going on in your life right now. I know there are many who make derogatory comments about you and your family, but you deserve the highest praise for all the charity work that you do. Enjoy your new home and may you, Lamar, and the rest of your family have a very Merry Christmas filled with laughter and love.

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