Bye Keek, Hello Vine!

Hey guys I’m no longer on Keek but I just set up my Vine! Woohoo!!! What do you think about my first Vine video?

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Mar 7th

    Beautiful!!!! You are such a gorgeous women!!!!

  2. Sandy Williams |  Posted on Mar 7th

    Khloe congrats on your new house…..Michael Strahan from live with Kelly and Michael use to own that house. Hopefully all of the Biebers bad vibes are out of that house. I know you will take your time and make it a khloe house. Good going You are gorg.

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    SJ |  Posted on Mar 8th

    You go on KhloMoney! You are glowing with beautiful and positive energy! I have a blog and google plus page and twitter page dedicated to you. You are gorgeous! I am always waiting for your next move. You are always surprising us all! I love you! Thank you for being you!!!!
    Check me out sometime!!!!!!
    I am always writing new stuff, and posting new photos and things as soon as you do, so I am trying to get people to join me and build a fan club. Will you follow me on Twitter?
    Thank you for being you all the time. Love you Khloe!

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