So Proud Of Bruce!

Bruce Jenner Does Interview With Yahoo Sports
Hi dolls! I just wanted to share this fabulous interview that Bruce did with Yahoo! Sports. We are all so proud of him and everything he has accomplished! I am truly blessed to have Bruce in my life :). Watch his interview in the video below!

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  1. Marcella Velarde |  Posted on Jun 19th, 2012

    I don’t like the comment Scott made about him not being Mason’s grandfather….. Totally uncalled for, and disrespectful!

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    JPBJR |  Posted on Jun 19th, 2012

    Bruce was the MAN! I was 11 years old during the 76 olympics and me and all of my friends would want to be Bruce when we made up our own neighborhood decathlon. And needless to say… the women loved him!

    But whatever possessed him to star in “Can’t Stop The Music” is still beyond me! LOL

    But he does truly seem from the show and those who speak about him that he is a stand up guy.

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    Andrea1955 |  Posted on Jun 19th, 2012

    If Robert Kardashian thought Bruce was a good enough man to be a Dad to all of you kids, Robert Jr. and Scott should be more respectful. Watching Rob treat Bruce like he did when he was trying to help him find a house and the way Scott treats people, it blows my mind. You are all lucky to have Bruce as a Dad. It did bring tears to my eyes when you finally asked Bruce to walk you down the aisle at your wedding.

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    lodiesblog |  Posted on Jun 19th, 2012

    @Marcella, when did Scott say that Bruce wasn’t Mason’s grandpa? I missed the episode. Was it this past episode? That’s just disrespectful. Mason loves Bruce, you can so tell from watching the show. And honestly, Mason appeared more connected to Bruce than he did to Grandma Kris.
    It’s so rude and disrespectful how they treat Bruce. My grandfather wasn’t my “biological” grandfather, but he was there from the time I was born, and I never looked at him any different. It’s really sad that they don’t respect Bruce more. Don’t they realize that they should have extreme gratitude toward him? Without his love, support, and financial stability that he has given Kris, they honestly wouldn’t be the brand Kardashian’s, and I truly believe that. This isn’t to bash because I like them and the show; however, right is right, and wrong is wrong.

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    Lara SA |  Posted on Jun 21st, 2012

    WOW! That was an amazing Video! Thank you for sharing it with us. I think you are such a sweet person. Love from South Africa

  6. Dottie McClure Moskal |  Posted on Jun 22nd, 2012

    Scott and Rob so disrespectful to Bruce . The whole family is so hateful to each other.

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