Bridgehampton Polo Challenge :)

Over the weekend Malika and I attended the Bridgehampton Polo Challenge and hung out in the SWAGG Mobile Application lounge. So many fab people were there, and even more fab animals!!! LOL. I grew up riding horses so I love any opportunity I get to be around them. They’re such beautiful creatures. I also got to meet an adorable dog named Billy — she’s the same kind of dog that was in the movie As Good As It Gets, you know, the one that was copying Jack Nicholson by stepping over all the cracks in the road haha. Anyway, she was too cute!!! It was a perfect east coast summer day :)
Monica Rose of course styled me — my dress was by Missoni and my shoes were Christian Louboutin.

Head over to to see more pics from the polo challenge.

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    Mia |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010

    Your dress is adorable and I love your shoes! You look great Khloe!

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    Jill |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010

    I love the pic with the puppy, It looks just like my little one… awe… =)

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    KeepingUpWithACaliforniaGirl |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010

    Aww thats soo cute!You look gorgeous,Khloe! <3

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    Denisse |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010

    aaws. you look amazing! :DD please follow me @DenisseScott Im very fan of you show :DD

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    Annelie |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010
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    Brooke Ariel |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010

    Love the pics, they are gorgeous!!!!

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    Tiff |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010


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    bukiie |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010

    you are so prettty khloe please follow meee i love you and watch both shows k&ktm and keeping up please follow !

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    Ivel |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010

    awesome dress, u look FAB! My daughter and I love the show and use your products and they do really work! Will u continue to work for Y100?

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    Tina |  Posted on Aug 16th, 2010

    Just fab! Love the outfit and the way it fits! Just stunnung Mrs. Odom!

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